3 Minutes leg slimming massage at home

Perform following leg massage for 3 minutes daily before going to bed to improve blood circulation, eliminate swelling leg  or edema and helps to lose weight. Due to the gravitational influence of the human body, 70% of the blood is concentrated in the lower body, so simply massage on leg aid in weight loss and can efficiently achieve lean body.

Easy effective leg slimming massage at home

1. Massage in outward circle with the thumbs on the back leg.

2. With the palm at the root of the thumb, pushed up along the bottom of the leg.

3. Massage the calf muscle with both hands in the opposite direction to make twist.

4. Perform lower leg massage from the bottom in the upward direction with pressing acupressure points shown in the above picture.

Tips: Apply your favorite oil or cream before doing massage for easy and smooth hand movement. It is important to do this passage in steps as described above as it helps lymphatic tissue to drain toxins, promote blood flow and improve edema.

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