3 minutes morning stretching exercise to correct skew pelvic

Failing to maintaining body balance of left and right can result in skew posture, which can oppress internal organs, causing illness. Skew posture can even lead to edema, easily prone to neck stiff and soreness. Try to strike a balance in all body movement and action otherwise, it is easy to make body askew habits. Avoid using only right shoulder to carry back bag instead distribute the weight equally on both shoulder. Avoid using left side of neck to talk on the phone rather talk through handsfree which helps to avoid strain on neck.

With the long-term tendency of using more left side of the body, makes left side of the waist easily accustom to that long stretch. On the contrary, waist on both side can vary, even in radian. If you consciously have this habit, then your pelvis may be skewed.

These skew body habits are the cause of  not letting body completely relaxed during sleep. As a result, people wake up with stiff muscles, pain and bad mood. Situation can be worse with more skewed body.

Take advantage of the morning time. You just woke up, lying in bed, and start your day with these simple stretching exercises, which helps to relax rigid body by relaxing the stretched skew pelvis. It also helps to restore the balance of body and energized the body.

3 minutes easy stretching exercises

simple streching exercise on bed

1. Lie on back, lift both hands up and hands folded like as handshake. Chin slightly retracted and extend the rear of the neck.

simple streching exercise on bed


2. Move folded hands upside down, two palm extended upward, then down stretch the toes, hands and extend feet slowly to the left.simple streching exercise on bed

3. Limbs stretched as far as possible to the left and experience the right body stretch. The body looks like in a half-moon position. Take deep breath 15 times, perform the same operation for the other side.


  • All action should feel comfortable within a range.
  •  Stretch while slowly exhaling.
  •  Start stretch for shorten time first then maintain the operation according to the body.
  • Focus on your own body movements, consciously stretch specific site.