4 Acupressure points for weight loss

Acupressure points for weight loss
In modern world where sedentary lifestyle,lack of exercise,poor blood circulation and blood health contribute to obesity which again leads to several other chronic diseases. It is necessary to control appetite as excessive intake of processed products, high-calorie foods, likely to cause the body to retain water as a results into bloating, edema, obesity and other problems follow. In order  to be successful in weight loss- diet control, enhancing metabolism, promoting blood circulation plays very important role.

Benefits of following acupressure points 

It will promote the metabolism rate. 

It helps to get rid of excess water from the body.

It is beneficial in eliminating swelling.

It aids fat burning and helps to show fast weight-loss results.

It Improves blood circulation.
There are many points around abdomen for suppressing appetite, eliminating edema but following two acupressure points are for those who need to lose weight. 

In order to achieve good results ,prior to pressing do massage with around 40 ℃ hot towel on the site to be pressed 10-15 minutes to promote blood circulation, make follow-massage effect is more significant.

 Avoid eating ice drinks and as it causes poor blood circulation problems.

Avoid using excessive force while pressing acupressure points as it can harm the body.

The best way to use acupressure points is to press the point in and out, but the strength of pressing has to be moderate i.e about to feel a slight pain to press.
Point 1
It is located a thumb’s breadth above the navel .

Press with moderate pressure.

It will helps to eliminate swelling and promote metabolism.

Point 2 

Location: About 2 inches, say about the width of three fingers together from Navel position.

Press this acupuncture point often as it helps to avoid the accumulation of abdominal fat, promote metabolism.

It is the most effective point  for people with constipation as it increases gastrointestinal motility and avoid constipation effect.

Following two acupressure points helps to eliminate swelling or edema. Often pressing of these acupuncture points will help to improve poor blood circulation problems caused by edema and to eliminate edema effect. In addition, to this it will make blood circulation more smoothly, reducing the incidence of cold hands and feet.

Point 3
Location : From the ankle bones count up 4 fingers, the margin in the posterior tibial.


This acupressure point will help to promote endocrine regulation, metabolism, blood circulation more smoothly, eliminate fatigue, improve lower body blood circulation, eliminate edema.
Point 4
It is located inside the palm side of the forearm, wrist stripes at about 7 inches. 

Multi-point massage to this point will help to clear lung heat drop intestine fire, promote normal metabolism, get rid of excess water from the body, making bowel movements more smoothly.


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