4 simple pelvic correction exercise

These simple 4 movement can help to correct pelvic at your home without spending money on expensive treatments. Always pay extra attention to warning signs that body sends. Relieve stiff neck and back symptoms with massage or try towel relaxation method for those stressed body parts. These problems may look little but, if left untreated can skew body posture.

Nearly symmetrical body is not only relatively healthy but will look slim and lithe. Conversely, skew body can cause neck and back pain, in addition to edema, but also oppress organs, causing a variety of diseases. The appearance can make their skin prone to a variety of conditions and instantly much older.Body skew exercise

Several books published on “Skew body correction through stretching exercises” refer symmetrical body as first step to balance of the body health and can improve mental discomfort. Women are naturally prone to body skewing. Try the following three quick strokes, to confirm their physical condition now!

Physical skew body self-examination at home

At home Physical skew self-examination

  1. Sit on the floor with feet together straight facing full length mirror. Check for the two soles of the feet, if it’s not proper V-shaped, then hip may be skewed.
  2. Mark a straight line with tape on the floor , take a short walk along it with open eyes then close closed eyes. If, unable to walk in a straight line with eyes closed then body may be skewed. In addition, body may be in serious skewed condition if, body shake while walking on straight line with eyes closed.
  3. With eyes closed, stretch your hands forward, naturally let your hands touch index finger to each other. If staggered with each other on behalf of the pelvis, shoulders skewed.

at home self skew body check

How to correct posture of skewed body and pelvic correction exercises.

It does not require any prop to correct skew body with these simple, easy to follow exercises.

  1. correct body posture exercisePlace both hands on the wall and stand on one leg.
  2. Shake off the relaxing foot for about 1 minute.
  3. Repeat with other leg.

POINT: This movement helps to relax the pelvic and back muscles, also improve blood circulation. It also helps with headaches, neck and back pain. If you have time, you can do this several times a day.

at home posture improvement exercise

  1. Open feet slightly wider than shoulder width, try to bend forward at the waist and touch the ground which make it relatively easy.Body posture exercise
  2. Inhale deep breath, hands and fingers cross buckle up and move, extend up to rear limit and wait for 10 seconds. Weight of the body will be on toe and relax.simple hand exercise

POINT: Before first step do forward bend to relaxed the body. Let fingers cross buckle when lifted palms to the ceiling. When palm facing the floor relax your waist more. This action can stretch the back muscles, improve the hump and back pain. Also, helps to resolve the pelvis skew and can make the body look firmer against convex belly.

Left-Right body symmetry correction stretching exercise helps to achieve thin waist size.

simple exercise for waist size redction

1. Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder, left hand touching the outside of the left leg, the right hand resting on waist or right side of the body down, find a more relaxed side.

waist correctiont exercise

2. Take deep breathe, slowly move down to more relaxed side of the body, stretch to the limit. Hold for 10 seconds, relax and repeat.

Improve spine, with pelvis reverse rotation exercise.

pelvic correction exercise

1. Open feet slightly wider than shoulder width, hands clasped together in the chest, rotate around the upper body. Once you are comfortable with this upper body rotation, move to step 2.pelvic correction exercise

2. While deep breathing and rotating upper body , move  same side foot a step forward, rotate to the limit after that stop. Relax for 10 seconds and repeat.

POINT: This action is useful for the correction of the pelvis, crooked back, can also eliminate the face and lower body edema after some time. Try to do these simple exercises several times a day to achieve symmetrical body.