8 Best fruits to eat for fast weight loss and constipation relief

eat peaches for weightloss

eat kiwi fruit for weightloss

5. Kiwi 100 g 

The sweet and juicy , Kiwi fruit are very good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol), Potassium, Copper,Vitamin C and Vitamin K. A 100 g of kiwi contains 50 calories. It is also rich in cellulose.

It helps in digestion and prevent constipation, helps to remove accumulation of excess body fat. Kiwi is fruit to  eat for weight loss and slender figure.

eat papaya for weightloss6. Papaya

A 100 g of papaya contain 39 calories. Papaya has a unique proteolytic factors, that is helpful for removing extra accumulated body fat. Moreover, pectin contained in papaya is excellent colon cleanser, can promote the excretion of waste and effective treatment of constipation .

eat peaches for weightloss7. Peaches

Peaches are rich in Dietary Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Niacin and Potassium. Eating peaches helps to improve constipation and has diuretic effect. A 100 g of peaches contain 39 calorie and are wonderful food for weight loss and cellulite reduction.

weight loss with apple fruit8. Apple 

Apple is rich in pectin, cellulose and vitamin C, has a good lipid-lowering effect, can accelerate metabolism, reduces body fat. It contains potassium, that helps to reduce edema and can prevent leg edema.

Eating apple is the best food to lose weight. A 100 g of apple contain approximately 50 calories. Although, like all fruits apples has high sugar content, but Apple is rich in vitamins and minerals, contain high cellulose content and avoid absorbing too much sugar in the body.

They are rich in pectin, can help gastrointestinal motility, remove toxins and prevent absorption of cholesterol,fat accumulation.

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