Knee pain acupressure point calf massage healing at home effective treatment to heal knee pain, swelling etc

The knee pain may occur  be due to the many reasons, but in the general situation it is due to aging problem. The most type is deformed knee arthritis also known as degenerative arthritis, which is especially common in women. Modern science, surrender to that pain and suggest surgery in the case if it continue to deteriorate. Again surgery will have its on after care instruction, and its not guarantee that knee pain can’t reoccur again.

If you carefully observe the foot of these patients, you can find a common problem area which requires more attention and  that is heel of the feet.

With aging, the degeneration of the leg’s muscle leads to form O-type legs, which can be one of the main reason behind it.knee calf muscle acupressure point massage

At the same time, calf muscle gets hardened which further affect the situations. Because once these muscles gets more rigid, the blood circulation of the body gets compromised and which more likely to aggravate the degeneration problem.

Also, as long as calf muscles are stiff, there will be extra burden while pulling the muscles around the knee.

Therefore, the following calf massage will help you to get rid of the stiffness of the calf muscle, make it flexible, and also reduce knee pain.

Even though we are not touching the knee locally, but with this self massage of the calf, one can surely feel relief from knee pain. So be sure to try it out.

Additionally, use this calf massage as preventive strategy to avoid future knee pain related problems. Also, the presence of swelling of knee and around area can act as an indicator to knee pain issue in advance. The swelling of the knee reflect the aging and degradation or degeneration process of the knee.

In young and health people you might observe there knee appears flat with slightly depressed look. Just in center of the knees, you will observe there is no place where you find bones and muscles.

However, with age, or poor blood circulation , the deposition of unwanted old waste and moisture start accumulating, which will lead to the swelling of the knees.

If there is smooth circular expansion, then it is not serious issue but if it appears like cauliflower shape, then it indicated deposition or accumulation of too much old waste material. This may trigger the knee pain problem. In such case,  before doing the following massage, follow an additional simple a stem towel method to warm up that area.

Relaxation with steam towel method

The following technique of the calf muscle acupressure point massage focus on

1. First warm-up, so that subcutaneous tissue becomes more soft. ( Use steam towel method for greater result, link provided above for that)

2. Using thumb to full press and rub some special acupuncture points to relief calf and knee pain ( also remove stiffness and swelling)

3.  Massaging some additional extra points in a small circle.

Step by step acupressure calf massage to ease knee pain

1. Warm-up to make shake the subcutaneous tissue soft

 acupressure point calf massage for knee pain

On the upper half of the calf (part of the leg belly), place the left and right palm with vertical grip.

Start with inside twist to twist after stopping for 5 seconds.

Do not let the skin separate from the palm of your hand, in order to allow subcutaneous tissue to move up.

Repeat the same to the outside again.

Then move to the lower half of the calf (smaller part), repeat the inside and outside twist several times.

Once the subcutaneous tissue become soft to a certain degree, the following massage will be more effective.

2. Massage with both hands and thumb down all the acupressure points  shown in the below picture

 acupressure point calf massage for knee pain


3. Next, use a thumb of either one hand to massage the lateral extra acupuncture points

 acupressure point calf massage for knee pain

4. Massage and rub the outer ankle in circles

 acupressure point calf massage for knee pain This area of the ankle has several acupressure points. Begin by holding the heel of the feet with a hand and use the tip of the thumb to massage the area in circle.

Repeat several time and observe the great improvement in the blood circulation at first time itself.

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