Massage these 2 acupressure points for cold

Acupressure points for cold is useful for people who believe in natural medicine for healing. Acupressure points in this article is specified in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This article will be useful for prevention and treatment of cold and fever. 

Acupressure points that can prevent colds

With change in seasons, one has to pay attention to their health as it is very easy to catch cold. Press these acupressure points to prevent cold during seasonal change. Try this simple and easy way to prevent cold naturally. I will introduce you 2 acupressure points for cold that will prevent and treatment of cold. You just need to gently massage those points multiple times in a day till you find complete cold relief.

Here is the traditional Chinese medicine massage for cold prevention.


Acupressure point 1

Feng Chi point is found in the lower edge of the occipital bone, from the back of the ear about two fingers wide depression. Press this point firmly for about 20- 25 times.

Acupressure point 2

It is located on your back, in the depression below the lower edge of the seventh cervical spinous process. Rubbing this point for about 100 ~ 200 times.

In order to treat a particular health concern a combination certain points are used. Each points has multiple benefits and picked carefully to strengthen the energy of the body.

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