Acupressure points for neck pain and shoulder pain relief (Fast)

Massage these acupuncture points to relieve pain in the shoulder and neck

Acupressure points for neck pain and shoulder pain. Prolonged hours of sitting work, improper sitting posture, lack of exercise and leading sedentary lifestyle contributes to shoulder and neck pain. The shoulder and neck pain are found to be common in people with cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, neck stiffness, cervical hyperplasia and other diseases. Neck pain affects daily lives at work and home. Let’s learn the acupressure points for shoulder and neck pain relief at home. 


Acupressure point 1 (GV 16)

This acupressure point is located at the back of your head, at the depression of hair edge. Press this point for about 1 to 2 minutes. It stimulates your entire head area including your eyes, throat, nose, and mind. IT will help to relieve headache, mental stress and tension, red eye, sore throat, dizziness, neck stiffness and tightness.


Acupressure point 2 (GB 20)

If you are experiencing tension headache, frequent migraine headaches, dizziness, tinnitus , shoulder pain, neck stiffness then massage this point for 2 minutes on both sides.  It is located at the depressions of the skull base on both the sides. 


Acupressure point for neck and shoulder pain relief 3 (Zhongzhu point)

It is located between the little finger and ring finger, about 2 cm below the (wrist side) at the back of your hand. Massage this point for 1 minute at least on both the hands.

Zhongzhu point

Neck and shoulder pain Acupressure point 4 (SJ4 )

Yang Chi is located in the wrist center, near the little finger side of the site. Press this point for 1 minutes at both hands.


Acupressure point 5

Guan Chong is located in the ring finger nails, by the little finger side of the lower end. Press this point on both the hands for 30 sec.

neck shoulder pain acupressure points

You can use your finger to apply the pressure on these acupressure points. But it is better to use acupressure tools like this one for better pressure.


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Learn how to press and find all these points in video.