Alternative to energy drinks

 In the world over $744 million a year is spent on energy drinks and over 25 billion of energy drinks are consumed alone in U.S every year. 

Instead of wasting money on those expensive energy drinks, think how you will feel if you can invest  those money on your dreams or may be for another vacation plan. 

No doubt that when your energy dips or to recover from a workout you need energy drink but there is a good news for you- Drink tomato juice. 

According to new researches, drinking of tomato juice proves better then energy drinks at helping body to recover from physical workout or exercises.
Studies say tomatoes contain lycopene which not only help muscles recovery after being stretched and strained but also returns blood sugar level to normal.
Study conducted in Greece found that athletes who drank tomato juice had quicker levels of muscle recovery and their glucose level returned to normal faster then those who had regular fizzy energy drinks. Swedish research states that tomato juice helped to reduce oxidation damage after exercise.
Other benefits of tomato juice include protection against prostate cancer, breast cancer, atherosclerosis, and coronary artery disease. It is also helpful for those who are suffering from diabetes.

Hence tomato juice is apt as natural energy drink and offer tremendous benefits.