7 Best foods to eat for anemia | increase red blood count | iron deficiency

What are best foods to eat for anemia? Include suggested 7 kinds of food in your daily diet to cure or prevent anemia naturally that helps to increase red blood cell count and iron deficiency.

food to eat for anemia

Anaemia is not only common in women buy also affects children and men. Often associated with pale skin, dizziness, drowsiness, weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite and palpitations. Anaemia also results in sexual dysfunction, headaches, nervousness, forgetfulness, lack of concentration and poor performance at work.

Common causes of anemia are deficiency of folic acid, vitamin B12 and C, which leads to low haemoglobin count. Anemia in elders is as common as calcium deficiency. The main causes of anemia in the elderly may happen due  the following reasons-  due to ageing, reduction of gastric juice secretion and digestive enzyme activity  in the stomach. This in turn reduces digestion and absorption capacity of the intestines. Inadequate iron intake and hemoglobin synthesis may lead to anemia. Therefore, as we grow older one should eat more iron-rich food to maintain normal functioning of blood or red blood cells count.

Men need 8 mg of iron whereas women need 18 mg.

Following are the recommended food list for cure anemia naturally.

1. More vitamin C rich foods like Hawthorn for anemia

Hawthorn is rich in vitamin C, which helps to promote the absorption and utilization of iron. Because vitamin C can make ferric iron into ferrous iron. Therefore, in order to promote the absorption of iron, it is necessary to eat foods rich in vitamin C.

2. Grapes

Sweet and sour grapes, are not only nutritious but also considered as important Chinese medicine for blood. While eating grapes, avoid spiting out the grape skins and grape seeds. Eat grapes with skin and seeds for as they are very nutritious fruit as a whole.

The study found that grape skin is rich in the flavonoids, can help to prevent atherosclerosis. Grape seed is rich in anti-oxidants that can effectively remove excess free radicals from the body, enhance immunity, and has anti-aging effect.

3. Nuts like Walnut

Eat walnut with honey and add lemon juice to cure anemia. It is rich in 20 amino acids, top grade food for brain food that also helps to improve your hemoglobin level.

10 gms of cashew nuts contains 0.3 mg of iron

10 gms of pine nuts contain 0.6 mg of iron

14 gms of hazelnuts contains 0.7 mg of iron,also contain calcium, magnesium and vitamin B

28 gms of pistachios contains 1.1 mg of iron, also contain magnesium and vitamin B

10 gms of dry roasted almonds contain 0.5 mg of iron, also contain calcium, and magnesium

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4. Lotus root

Lotus root are high in iron content. Eating lotus root can help to prevent or treat iron deficiency anemia. It is also rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber,  good for liver related disease, constipation, diabetes and more.  Consuming lotus root ca help to replenish blood and marrow, soothe the nerves  and has longevity effect.

5. Green leafy vegetables like spinach

Spinach is rich in carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin K, minerals (calcium, iron, etc.), coenzyme Q10 and other nutrients. Spinach contains higher protein content than other vegetables. It also contains a high chlorophyll content and vitamin K  among other leafy vegetables (more contained in the root). Therefore, eating spinach is useful in nosebleeds, and in intestinal bleeding  situations too. Spinach is rich in carotenoids,and ascorbic acid too.  Therefore, eat more spinach for proper functioning of the body.

6. Mulberry

Mulberry contains contains a lot of water, carbohydrates, vitamins, carotenoids and trace elements necessary for the human body. Nutrients found in mulberry can effectively increase the volume of the red blood cells or hemoglobin. Some of the benefits of eating mulberry include-  helps to relieve eye fatigue symptoms, manages blood pressure, boost immunity, promote the growth of red blood cells, prevent leukopenia, and diabetes, anemia, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, neurasthenia and more.

7. Longan fruit

Longan contains vitamins a, b, glucose and sucrose, etc., but also rich in iron. Eat fresh loangan fruit for treating anemia.

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