4 Natural Ways To Quit Smoking (PROVEN)

quit smoking naturally

Nicotine addiction is harmful for both smokers and passively the one who are exposed to it. Try this natural ways to quit smoking. Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms Some of the symptoms experienced by smokers while quitting smoking are Anxiety-like behavior Head shaking or headaches Improper sleep Mood disorders like irritability Sore throat / coughing / Nausea … Read more

6 Best Foods to Eat for Type 2 Diabetes

diabetes food

What is type 2 diabetes? In type 2 diabetes, the ability of body to process glucose becomes compromised. Due to which too much of sugar starts circulating in the bloodstream. Type 2 diabetics patients may require daily insulin injections as insulin production in the pancreas is not enough. It needs to be treated early, otherwise … Read more

Prevent Dust Formation, COVID-19 RNA Stays Up to a Month

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What does this COVID-19  study says? A study was conducted in the rooms where COVID-19 patients were isolated to study the RNA of the virus. RNA is the part of the genetic material  found inside the virus. RNA can be considered as the heart of the virus. They studied and tested the dust found on … Read more

Cure Zoom Fatigue Naturally | Work from home burnout solution

Work From Home Burnout

What is Zoom Fatigue or Zoom Burnout? Recent research explored the “Zoom fatigue” or “Zoom burnout” phenomenon which is referred to exhaustion experienced after back to back video calls. With work from home or remote work has become new norm in the corporate world during the COVID-19 pandemic. The everyday expectation of  about up to … Read more

Acupressure points for neck pain and shoulder pain relief (Fast)


Massage these acupuncture points to relieve pain in the shoulder and neck Acupressure points for neck pain and shoulder pain. Prolonged hours of sitting work, improper sitting posture, lack of exercise and leading sedentary lifestyle contributes to shoulder and neck pain. The shoulder and neck pain are found to be common in people with cervical … Read more

Knee pain acupressure point calf massage healing at home effective treatment to heal knee pain, swelling etc

knee calf muscle acupressure point massage

The knee pain may occur  be due to the many reasons, but in the general situation it is due to aging problem. The most type is deformed knee arthritis also known as degenerative arthritis, which is especially common in women. Modern science, surrender to that pain and suggest surgery in the case if it continue … Read more