Banana honey beauty recipe for soft glowing skin

Homemade masks like banana honey is a great natural beauty aid to get glowing and flawless skin at home. But is homemade beauty products really safe? Is the banana honey beauty method works? Let’s find out!

Banana is a common and inexpensive fruit which easily available all around the world. Banana is nutritionally dense fruit. It rich in protein, starch, vitamins and minerals . Especially, rich in potassium and quite useful for people with cardiovascular diseases .

For the improving skin beauty, banana are good mask material. Applying the banana directly to the face will gently cleanse and nourish the skin. You can also added honey to this mask to enhance the moisturizing function, which is very suitable for daily use for dry and dehydrated skin.

banana honey beauty recipe

Banana honey beauty recipe

1. Use a small spoon to grind the banana into a paste in the bowl (note that it is quick to grind, use it immediately and fresh as mixture  will start turning black).

2. Add raw milk and honey as soon as you mash the banana in to a paste. Then stir with a spoon and mix thoroughly. The mixture should not be too thick.

3. Then use the cotton pad or directly apply the mask to the face. (Note: This does not need to be applied to the face for a period of time like a general mask. Just rub it with a hand and massaging all over the skin till your skin feels soft and supple.

4. Finally, pay attention, don’t wait for it to dry on your face and wash it off. As long as you feel that the massage is finished and comfortable, you can wash it off, otherwise the banana will not wash off after it has dried up.

Is the banana honey beauty method works?

In fact, it is more suitable for hydration, and the practice is very simple, we can usually try at home. However, it is necessary to pay attention to it. It is best to make beauty products according to your skin requirements. Otherwise, it is also a burden on the skin. The above beauty method is very suitable for people who need efficient hydration.