Black beans for beauty & Weight loss recipes

Eating black beans aids weigh loss. These small black beans are is extremely rich in nutrients. It is high in antioxidant level and can be used as anti aging food for beautiful skin. There are several other reason to eat black beans but mainly it eliminate constipation, improve skin texture, reduce abdominal fat and lowers the cholesterol level.

Amazing Black beans ingredients include 


Black beans contain anthocyanin which is a type of  flavonoid with antioxidant effect, helps to fight free radical, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effect.
Researches has shown anthocyanin foods may help in major health disease like heart disease, obesity and cancer.                          

Soy protein

Black bean contain β- conglycinin  which has a visceral fat reducing effect. 
Also β- conglycinin can also promote the production of cholecystokinin which is connected to satiety.

Soy isoflavones

It act as appetite suppression and has cholesterol-lowering effect. 
In addition, it will help to slow down the symptoms of menopause,strong bones, reduce the risk of breast cancer, to maintain skin elasticity and so on.


It helps to relive from constipation by increase bowel mass and promote growth of certain bacteria that are thought to be beneficial.
It is also useful in people with high cholesterol level.


Dietary fiber

Black beans are rich in dietary fiber, thereby promote bowel movements, and can inhibit the absorption of sugar, reduce rapid blood glucose levels rise after a meal.

Black beans for beauty & Weight loss recipes

Vitamin B, magnesium, lecithin, saponins

Vitamin B complex can promote metabolism, metabolic enzymes, and helps magnesium to activate. 
Lecithin promote the discharge of excess cholesterol. 
Saponin also has cholesterol-lowering effect.


Easy black beans recipes and tips

Steamed beans

Black beans has water-soluble components such as isoflavones and vitamin B complex, so boiling leaches its nutrients away So right way to get all nutrients benefits from black beans is by steaming it.

Steps to make steamed beans

Soak black beans in water which is about ten times the amount at night i.e approximately 6-8 hours.
In the morning, remove water from the beans loaded into some heat-resistant container sealed with plastic wrap or cover it.
Then put it into steamer and steam it for about 40 to 50 minutes.

For more slimming effect

Eat black beans with fermented foods.
As it helps to clean the intestine well due to it’s water-soluble dietary fiber.

Fermented foods can improve the intestinal environment. 
Have steamed beans with fermented foods like onions and burdock. In that way, the oligosaccharide present in black bean will increase the healthy bacteria in the intestine.

The water-soluble dietary fiber of Black beans is not much, so you can mix it in your smoothie which contains some other water soluble fiber like seaweed.

Mixing ingredients like this will help to increase intestinal bacteria, promote gastrointestinal motility and improve intestinal environment.

Have steamed black beans with other spices like ginger. Eating black beans like that will stimulate the sympathetic nerve and promote fat loss.
Black beans and spices plus vitamin B complex, will effectively promote metabolism,and burn fat more exuberantly.