How to eat carrots to lose weight ( 3 recipes)

Carrot weight loss recipes

How to slim down with carrots naturally. Try, this carrot weight loss diet. You might want to add these 3 carrot weight loss recipes in to your diet to shed extra weight and burn excess of body fat.
Eating raw carrots helps in weight loss, but the absorption of nutrients are not that great.
Try these 3 carrot recipes for weight loss which will help you to eat carrots to lose weight for everyone without compromising the taste.

Freshly squeezed carrot juice recipe for weight loss

Ingredients required: 2 carrots
1 fresh orange
1 inch piece of fresh ginger (optional)

How to make carrot juice to lose weight faster?

1. Wash and peel of the carrot and ginger skin. Cut them into round pieces.
2. Put the cut carrots, orange and ginger pieces into the juicer. If you are using blender then you need to add water for it. You can substitute water with coconut water for added benefits. As, coconut water also helps in weight loss. So, it will improve the efficacy of this carrot juice weight loss recipe.
Try to drink this carrot juice 1 to 2 times a day before the meal and eat your meal depends on your hunger. Try this for a month at least and you will easily lose weight with this simple easy recipe. Plus, your skin, hair, nails and eyes will be brighter and shinny.


Carrot tomato smoothie recipe for weigh loss drink

Ingredients required: 50g of carrots, 1 tomato, half a cup of Greek yogurt, 1 tbsp lemon juice.

How to make this carrot smoothie at home?

1. Wash carrot and tomatoes well and peel the carrot skin off. Cut them into pieces.
2. Put the carrots and tomatoes in the juicer, crush them at high speed and pour the juice into the glass. Then season it with yogurt and lemon juice.
Alternatively, blend carrot and tomatoes with greet yogurt in to the blender. Add lemon juice and enjoy your healthy weight loss smoothie drink at home.

Eat cooked carrot for better absorption

Ingredient required: 1 or 2 carrots, add herbs according to your taste

How to boiled carrot for losing weight practices:

1.Wash the carrots, peel of the skin and slice them.
2. Pour two bowls of water into the pan, then put in the carrot slices. Boil them over a medium heat. Once it is cook the carrot slices till they are soft and then blend them. Season with your favorite herbs and spices for taste.
Drink this carrot soup daily on empty stomach, then eat your lunch and dinner as usual. If you want to continue to lose weight, take it every other week, you will be able to achieve your weight loss goal soon.
Following the proper cooking method for carrots, up to 76% to 94% of the nutrition can be preserved. When we eat raw carrots it’s very difficult to absorb the goodness of the carotenoids found in them. So most of the times it goes in the waste. When you cook the carrot with other food then the absorption and utilization of it’s active compounds will be better.
It’s okay if you enjoy eating raw carrots. It’s just that when we eat raw carrot, our body is not able to absorb it’s nutrients completely. As, carrots contain a lot of carotene and vitamins. Carotenoids are fat soluble in nature so it needs to be cooked with other food with fat for it’s proper absorption.
Enjoy the above healthy recipes for easy weight loss with carrots. Let’s go and slim down with carrots.
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