32 Top benefits uses of black seed oil (Kalonji oil)

black seed oil benefits uses

[joli-toc] What is black seed oil? The oil extracted from the seeds of the Nigella sativa plant a.k.a black seeds. Grown mostly in Southwest Asia, Southern Europe, North Africa and Middle Eastern Mediterranean including India, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia. What are the different names of the black seeds? Black seeds are also known known … Read more

Peppermint essential oil benefits for skin, hair, health (How to use)

Peppermint essential oil is often used to prevent travel dizziness and stomach disorders. So, you must carry while traveling, you never know when you need it. The sweet smell of peppermint essential oil is very refreshing and cool, uplifting the heart energy.   All essential oils are transparent and colorless, often extracted after lot of … Read more

Surprising benefits uses of cucumber for health and beauty

1. Anti-tumor Cucurbitacin C contained in cucumber has the function of improving the immune function of the human body. Along with this it has anti-tumor properties and also found useful in the treatment of chronic hepatitis. 2. Anti-aging Cucumber is rich in vitamin E. It plays a great role in prolonging life and has anti-aging properties. The  enzyme found in cucumber … Read more

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