Mango seeds : benefits, uses & how to make

[joli-toc] Eating mango seeds regularly has many health benefits include treating dandruff, improve the appearance of skin & hair, soothe digestion, prevent diabetic symptoms, and aid in weight loss.  It is store house of many nutrients, active ingredients, a number of bioactive, phenolic, and antioxidant compounds, as well as unsaturated fatty acids. What Is Mango Seed? The scientific name of … Read more

Shikakai proven beauty and health benefits

Scientific names Common names Acacia concinna (WIlld.) DC. Acacia (Tag.) Acacia hooperiana Miq. Shikakai plant (Engl.) Acacia philippinarum Benth. Soap acacia (Engl.) Acacia poilanei Gagnep. Soap pod (Engl.) Acacia polycephala DC. Soap pod wattle (Engl.) Acacia quisumbingii Merr. Soap nut (Engl.) Acacia rugata (Lam.) Merr. Soap nut acacia (Engl.) Guilandina microphylla DC. Mimosa concinna Willd. Mimosa rugata Ham. Nygae sylvarum-minimae Rumph. Acacia is a name shared … Read more

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