Lavender – proven health benefits and uses


The scientific name of the lavender is Lavandula angustifolia Mill. It is also known as True lavender and Loddon pink. Other names include ALBANIAN: Livande e vertete. ARABIC: Khuzaama, Lafand. ARMENIAN: Hoosam, Husam. AZERBAIJANI: Lavanda. BULGARIAN: Lavandula. CROATIAN: Ljekovita Lavanda. CZECH: Levandule, Levandule Lekařská. DANISH: Hunlavendel, Lavendel. DUTCH: Lavendel, Spijklavendel. FINNISH: Laventeli, Tupsupäälaventeli. FRENCH: Lavande. GERMAN: Lavendel. GREEK: … Read more

Hibiscus – proven benefits, uses


The scientific name of the Hibiscus or china rose is Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Linn. It is also know as Chinese hibiscus, Red hibiscus, Rose of China, and Shoeflower. Other names include CHINESE: Zhu jin, Da hong hua, Fo sang, Fu sang. DANISH: : Kinesisk rose. DUTCH: Chinese roos. FRENCH: Hibiscus de Chine, Hibiscus rose de Chine , Rose de Chine. GERMAN: … Read more

Effective scalp massage techniques to prevent hair loss


Bald scalp is a sign of stiffness which happen due to poor blood circulation to the scalp, as a result hair roots can not absorb enough nutrients to maintain the hair health. This stiffness lead to loss of hair matrix cell’s vitality, resulting in beginning of hair loss, the hair becomes thin and small. Excessive use … Read more