6 Best Foods to Eat for Type 2 Diabetes

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What is type 2 diabetes? In type 2 diabetes, the ability of body to process glucose becomes compromised. Due to which too much of sugar starts circulating in the bloodstream. Type 2 diabetics patients may require daily insulin injections as insulin production in the pancreas is not enough. It needs to be treated early, otherwise … Read more

Why is Lycopene called “plant gold”? What are the benefits of eating more tomatoes?

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Did you know Tomatoes are also known as “Longevity Fruit”? Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which has a reputation as “plant gold”. It is responsible for giving the red color to the tomatoes. Lycopene comes under “Class A ” nutrient by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and WHO. Lycopene is powerful antioxidant found … Read more

30 Cancer prevention tips that every one should know

Anti-cancer foods in diet

The cancer cells doesn’t spread overnight. According to statistics, the time taken by mutant cell to grow into a malignant tumor is on average for more than 30 years. So, your every little healthy living habits play a role in preventing cancer or carcinogenesis. These 30 rules of healthy living aid in cancer prevention. Reduce … Read more

3 Best ways to eat vegetable for more nutrition without killing healthy enzymes

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Eating plant based diet is the best and natural way to supplement enzymes in the body. Intake of enzymes helps to keep gastrointestinal tract healthy. It can help prevent gastrointestinal discomfort, often caused by overeating. Therefore, these enzymes activity are quite effective in weight management, helps prevent cold and enhance the immunity of the body. Vegetables … Read more

Eat more pumpkin for youthful glowing skin (Anti-aging diet)| Benefits & recipe

Healthy pumpkin oats porridge recipe

Pumpkin is a very common food in most of our daily life. It is often popular among people of all ages. Pumpkin is very rich nutrition, supplements the body with multivitamins, and often helps people to avoid constipation problems. Women who often eat pumpkins look younger and  consider pumpkin as one of secret weapon to … Read more

Eat garlic right way! Health benefits


How to eat garlic right and best way? Cooking is incomplete without adding onion and ginger, as seasonings to bring more flavor to the food. One of the top reason to include garlic in your cooking is because it promotes intestinal health. However, there is a particular way to eat garlic so that you will … Read more