Healthy Plant-based diets

Healthy Plant-based diets

A  plant-based diets offers various health benefits and longer life (longevity). It’s common characteristics are Include minimal additives and preservative Include primarily whole foods as close to their “natural” state as possible Include minimal processed and convenience foods Exclude or minimal intake of animal foods One of the common form of plant-based diets is Vegetarianism.  The … Read more

Healthy turmeric tea – Sleeping troubles

Are you tired of not getting proper sleep at night time ? If Sleepless nights are becoming part of your daily life then its time for health check in moment.  Sleeping disorder will not only let you sleep but also decrease attentiveness, lack of energy or even fatigue.   Use of sleeping pills or other … Read more

Alternative to energy drinks

 In the world over $744 million a year is spent on energy drinks and over 25 billion of energy drinks are consumed alone in U.S every year.  Instead of wasting money on those expensive energy drinks, think how you will feel if you can invest  those money on your dreams or may be for another vacation … Read more

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