Simple stretching exercises to correct skew fasica to relieve pain, stiffness, insomnia (with pictures)

Neck and back pain are one of the  common  some modern problems, although most people take apply pain relieving spray or rub the balm to relieve symptoms. But these won’t eradicate the pain. This is because your body has skewed fascia, if left untreated, it even lead to autonomic nervous system disorders, insomnia or depression. Fascia, … Read more

3 Simple stretching exercise for shoulder pain relief

Some of the common reasons behind weak performance of scapula( Shoulder blade) which often cause shoulder joint pain include poor body posture in every day daily life, especially sitting in the office, using cell phone or handheld game console for long term in forward posture. Over period of time this long term forward body posture results … Read more

1 minute exercise workout to help sleep fast and well

Performing following 1 minute workout before going to bed can help to fall asleep easily, and wake up refreshed every day. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, lower body edema are some of the factors that make obesity problem more difficult. Performing light stretching exercises prior to sleep helps to relax the stressed body muscles, promote blood … Read more

6 Stretching exercises for ankle pain relief at home

Performing following six kinds of stretching exercise at home twice a day can be helpful in ankle pain, sore ankle, sprained ankle and improve movement. Occurrence of ankle pain other than sprain ankle can be symptom of some disease, which require medical professional guidance. Lack of ankle care often results in to sprained ankle pain … Read more

2 Simple effective waist slimming exercises at home

Research has shown that waist circumference more than 35 inches (about 89 cm) in women and more than 40 inches (about 102 cm) in men, has high risk of many diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart problems, hypertension and obesity. Exercise workout for arm fat loss at home 1 Minute exercise workout to boost metabolism and … Read more

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