4 simple pelvic correction exercise

correct body posture exercise

These simple 4 movement can help to correct pelvic at your home without spending money on expensive treatments. Always pay extra attention to warning signs that body sends. Relieve stiff neck and back symptoms with massage or try towel relaxation method for those stressed body parts. These problems may look little but, if left untreated … Read more

Easy Back exercise for fat loss

A healthy lifestyle is most important to maintain body in good health. Long hours of work, high stress, lack of exercise, improper nutritional diet and sedentary lifestyle is the perfect recipe of poor health. Accumulation of fat around the abdomen and waist need to be taken seriously in order to prevent further damage to the … Read more

Swan stretch for abdominal and back muscle

There are a wide variety of weight-loss method  available in the market which may or may not result into healthy fat loss. Very little thought is given to lifestyle habits. Just a little lifestyle adjustments can effectively decrease the weight, along with stretching exercises which not only sculpt the body but also make it firmer and builds perfect … Read more

3 simple yoga poses for back pain

Triangle pose benefits

After long hours of sitting at working desk can give back pain. Just by doing little stretching and simple yoga can soothes those muscles tension. The following 3 simple yoga moves will effectively relieve the symptoms of low back pain.   1. Triangle pose or trikonasana Put both feet together, stand up straight. Open legs for about a meter, … Read more

3 easy yoga poses for weight loss

boat bose easy yoga poses for weight loss

These 3 yoga poses will help to   weight loss burn abdomen fat reduces waist size All you need to do is practice them daily and it hardly take 5-10 minutes to do.   1. Cobra twist ( Bhujangasana)   Benefits of Cobra twist includes:   enhances digestion relieve constipation promote metabolism reduced waist, back, … Read more