Weight loss with feet acupressure reflexology massage at home


Our sole of feet has reflex zones corresponding to all the body organs.  A simple massage on the corresponding reflex zone can help to stimulate the functioning of the organs, promote local blood circulation and aid in detoxification. It can also help to burn fat  and reduce the visceral fat. Thus a simple massage on … Read more

Daily acupressure nail massage to improve physical and mental health

Fast pace modern life, often results in mental pressure, stress, and tension. Just by pressing a finger, you can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, that helps to bring peace of mind, while finger acupressure also enhance immune system of the body protecting against many illnesses and sickness. Often imbalance of autonomic nervous system causes low immunity. … Read more

Acupressure points for emotional health healing

Following two acupressure can help to improve breathing, relieve anxiety, and over all effective in preventing “hyperventilation syndrome” or over breathing. Hyperventilation is a condition in which you suddenly start to breathe very quickly. Healthy breathing occurs with a healthy balance between breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide. You upset this balance when … Read more

7 Acupressure points to ease back pain

Regardless of age, there can be various reasons behind back pain problems, such as low back pain caused by physical pain, gastrointestinal weakness, sciatica, and other unilateral movement. Pressing following seven acupressure points can effectively improve and relieve back pain problems. Tip: Before massaging these points it is recommended to do hot towel compress on … Read more

Acupressure points for cough and cold relief

Following acupressure points can help alleviate acute cold, cough and related symptoms. It is important to understand cough time categories. Within three weeks → acute cough 3 ~ 8 weeks  → persistent cough more than 8 weeks  → persistent cough   Acute cough Some of the probable cause of acute cough include cold, influenza or … Read more

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