6 Abdominal acupressure points to lose belly fat


Many people find it difficult to lose belly fat even after proper healthy diet and regular exercise. One of the cause of unsuccessful weight loss can be poor metabolism. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), stimulating acupressure points and meridians through massage and acupressure, can help to promote smooth blood circulation, activate proper functioning of internal … Read more

3 Minutes leg slimming massage at home


Perform following leg massage for 3 minutes daily before going to bed to improve blood circulation, eliminate swelling leg  or edema and helps to lose weight. Due to the gravitational influence of the human body, 70% of the blood is concentrated in the lower body, so simply massage on leg aid in weight loss and can efficiently achieve … Read more

Leg massage at home, benefits, how to

Leg massage at home

Leg massage benefits One of the reason of lower body troubles especially calf, is poor blood circulation. Often leg massage helps to improve and stimulate blood circulation, reduces swelling, reduce fat, aid in weight loss and also helpful in cellulite. Ignoring leg swelling for longtime can cause lower body fat. Following leg massage technique can be done … Read more

Meridian massage for fast pain relief

Meridian massage technique for pain relief

Meridian massage  is an indispensable daily care ritual which quickly and easily help others to help to eliminate pain and improve blood circulation of the body. There are many meridian position along the body line which are likely to be tender points (massage area) to the meridian position mark . The actual compression can identify those tender … Read more

Simple effective exercises to relieve eye fatigue

Simple exercise to remove eye stress

Eyes staring at the screen for a long time, not only will lead to eye fatigue, neck and back pain, insomnia, but can also often accompanied by autonomic nervous system abnormalities. So, the eye fatigue must not be overlooked. Getting good sleep and applying heat by rubbing palms together can help to relieve eye stress. Simple … Read more

Relaxation with steam towel method

Relaxation with steam towel set

Body often experience pain in different areas, general discomfort or uneasiness, or old hands and feet problem. These symptoms are body signals which often appear at the beginning of an illness. Though  these won’t hurt health immediately but prevention is always better then cure. One of the easy way to improve these problems at home is by … Read more