Foot reflexology massage to alleviate pain

Pain reflexology

There is a deep relationship  exist between heel and physical pain. Often people suffering from physical pain have the heel which is dry, white and developed crack. If that is the case in women then her, uterus and abdominal cavity is likely to have a problem?.    So it is important to exfoliates, carefully massage … Read more

4 Acupressure points for weight loss

In modern world where sedentary lifestyle,lack of exercise,poor blood circulation and blood health contribute to obesity which again leads to several other chronic diseases. It is necessary to control appetite as excessive intake of processed products, high-calorie foods, likely to cause the body to retain water as a results into bloating, edema, obesity and other problems … Read more

Treat Insomnia with acupressure points

Long term effect of insomnia, can lead to decrease in daily performance or alertness increases hunger for salty and fatty acid food which will in turn make you gain weight reduces leptin production and increases appetite memory-loss depression headaches low immunity which increase chances of cold, flue or other illness increases risk of heart attacks … Read more

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