Jamun (Black plum) – nutrition, proven benefits, uses


The scientific name of black plum is Syzygium cumini. It is also know as Java plum or Duhat plum. Other names include BURMESE: Thabyang hpyoo. CHINESE: Hei mo shu, Wu kou shu, Wu mu. FRENCH: Faux pistachier, Jambolon, Jambolanier, Jamelonguier, Jamélongue, Prune de Java. GERMAN: Jambolanapflaume, Wachsjambuse. HINDI: Jamun, Jamun beej. ITALIAN: Aceituna dulce. JAPANESE: Janboran, Murasaki futo … Read more

Phalsa – nutrition, proven benefits and uses


The scientific name of the Phalsa or phalsa berries is Grewia asiatica. Other names include BENGALI: Phalsa, Shunkri. FRENCH: Raisin de l’Inde, Raisin des Philippines, Raisin falsa. GUJARATI: Shukri. HINDI: Phalsa, Phalsa chhaal. KANNADA: Dagala, Dadasala, Phulsha. KHMER: Pophlië. LAOTIAN: Nhap. MALAYALAM: Chadicha. MARATHI: Palshi, Phalsa. ORIYA: Pharosakoli. PUNJABI: Faalsaa. RUSSIAN: Falsa. SANSKRIT: Alpasthi, Mriduphal , Parapara, … Read more

Tree tomato/ tamarillo- nutrition, proven health benefits and uses


The scientific name of the Tamarillo include Solanum betaceum, Cyphomandra betacea and Cyphomandra hartwegi. Other names include Tree tomato, Terong belanda, Ookhamen and Marattakkali. Tamarillo belong to the nightshade family, along with tomato, and eggplant. It is widely cultivated in many parts of the world including South America, Central America, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela, Ecuador, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal … Read more

Daily acupressure nail massage to improve physical and mental health


Fast pace modern life, often results in mental pressure, stress, and tension. Just by pressing a finger, you can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, that helps to bring peace of mind, while finger acupressure also enhance immune system of the body protecting against many illnesses and sickness. Often imbalance of autonomic nervous system causes low immunity. … Read more

Sweet lime – nutrition, proven benefits, uses and reicipes


The scientific name of sweet lime are Citrus limettioides Tanaka, Citrus lumia and Citrus limetta. Other names include Mosambi, Mousambi in Hindi, Sathukudu in Tamil, Bathaya Kaayalu in Telegu, bergamot in France, and Limu Shirin in Iran. It is a small tree that can grow up to 8 m. Fruits are oval and green, ripening to yellow, with greenish pulp. It grows in tropical and subtropical climates. It begins bearing fruit … Read more

Gotu kola proven health benefits and uses


The scientific name of gotu kola is Centella asiatica, a creeping herb, growing in moist places in India and other Asian Countries. Other names of centella asiatica include Hydrocotyle asiatica, gotu kola, Indian pennywort(English), Mandukaparni(India), pegaga(Malaysia) and Di Chien Tsao, Man Tien Hsing and Zhi Xue Cao (China). Gotu kola is a perennial plant native to India, … Read more