10 Best food to eat for healthy eyes | improve eyesight naturally + eye care tips

food to eat for healthy eyes

Learn all about complete eye health care- include food to add in to your diet to improve eye sight, dryness, fatigued eyes , eye exercises, and more  natural eye health care tips .   1. Eggs Eggs are good for eyesight. Egg contains cysteine, sulfur, lecithin, amino acids and lutein, these substances can prevent the formation of … Read more

Holy basil- proven health benefits and uses

The scientific name of the holy basil is Ocimum sanctum Linn.  It is also know as Sacred basil, Monk’s basil, and Red basil. Other names include ARABIC: Dohsh, Schadjant, Vasub. ASSAMESE: Tulasii. BENGALI: Kalatulsi (as O. sanctum), Kalotulsi, Kural (as O. sanctum), Tulasi, Tulshi, Tulsi. BURMESE: Lun, Pinsein-net, Kala-pinsein. FRENCH: Basilic sacré, Basilic sacré à feuilles … Read more

Fennel seeds : proven health and beauty benefits, uses

The scientific name of Fennel is Foeniculum vulgare Mill. Other names include ARABIC: Bisbas, Raziana. CHINESE: Hsiao-hui, Hui xiang, Xiao hui xiang. CZECH: Fenykl. DANISH: Almindelig fennikel, Fennikel. DUTCH: Venkel. FRENCH: Fenouil. GERMAN: Fenchel. HINDI Badi, Badishep, Bari saunf, Bari sanuf, Sanuf, Saunf, Sonp, Sont. ITALIAN: Finocchio commune, Finocchio selvatico. JAPANESE: Fenneru, Uikyou. KANNADA: Badi sopu, … Read more

Tree tomato/ tamarillo- nutrition, proven health benefits and uses

The scientific name of the Tamarillo include Solanum betaceum, Cyphomandra betacea and Cyphomandra hartwegi. Other names include Tree tomato, Terong belanda, Ookhamen and Marattakkali. Tamarillo belong to the nightshade family, along with tomato, and eggplant. It is widely cultivated in many parts of the world including South America, Central America, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela, Ecuador, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal … Read more

Arugula / Salad Rocket- nutrition, proven health benefits and uses

The scientific name of the rocket include Brassica eruca, and Eruca sativa. It is also known as Arugula, Garden rocket, Italian cress, Mediterranean rocket, Rucola, Rugula,  and Salad rocket. Other names also include: CHINESE: Zi ma cai. FRENCH: Roquette commune, Roquette cultivée, Roquette des jardins. GERMAN: Ackerrauka, Ölrauke, Rauke, Raukenkohl, Senfrauke. GREEK: Euzomon. HEBREW: Gargir. HINDI: Jamba. ITALIAN: Ruchetta, Rucola, Rucola comune, Rúcola, Rugula. … Read more

Sun gazing- healing or harmful?

What is Sun Gazing? The sun gazing method has been known for thousands of years as healing method based on chromotherapeutic principle. It is an act of looking directly into the Sun. Right way and time to do sun gazing According to a study, sun gazing is acceptable only if applied 10 min before the sunset. … Read more

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