Bael nutrition, proven health benefits, uses and recipes


The scientific name of bael is  Aegle marmelos, commonly known as Bengal quince, golden apple, stone apple, and bili. The fruit, leaves and seeds of bael plant has many medicinal properties. Bael fruit can be eaten fresh or dried. It taste somewhat like tangy marmalade. Read: Mangosteen | Proven health benefits and uses | nutrition and recipes Bael fruit nutrition value … Read more

Cumin seeds nutrition, proven health benefits and uses


The scientific name of cumin is Cuminum cyminum. It is also known as Comino (Spanish), Cumin (French), Jeera (Hindi), Jeeragham, Jeerakam (Tamil), Jeeragam, Jirakam, Nallajirakam (Malayalam), Jeelakarra (Telugu), Jiru (Gujarati), Jire (Bengali), Jire (Marathi & Oriya), Jeera (Punjabi), Zeera (Urdu).   Cumin nutrition facts and calories Cumin seeds has many medicinal uses and can be used as whole … Read more

Bay leaf health benefits, uses and nutrition


The scientific name of bay leaf is Laurus noblis. It is also known as Hoja de laurel (Spanish), Feuille de laurier (French), Lorbeerblatt (German), Foglia de alloro ( Italian), Tej patta (Hindi), Punnai ilai (Tamil), Karuvaela (Malayalam), Masala Aku (Telugu), Tamal patra (Marathi), Tej pata (Bengali), Tamal patr (Gujarati), Tejpatra (Oriya), Tejpata, Tezpatta (Punjabi), Tez pat (Urdu). … Read more

Eggplant or brinjal -health benefits, nutrition and recipes


Some of the health benefits of eating eggplant or brinjal include useful in reducing high eye pressure and other eye problems, lower cholesterol, aid in weight loss, protects liver and heart, good for diabetic and hypertension patients. 24 Proven health benefits and uses of bitter gourd Eggplant nutrition facts, calories and other names The scientific … Read more

Wheat grass juice or powder: Top reasons to have it daily for good health including reverse aging, cataract and more

Wheat grass juice is the juice extracted from the pulp of wheat grass and has been used as a general-purpose health tonic for several years. It is useful in inflammatory bowel disease, induces programmed cancer cell death of breast, colon, cervical cancer cells, reduces the risk of stroke, helpful in treatment of blood disorders, anti-tumor … Read more

Fig fruit and leaves: 19 Proven health benefits and uses for good heart, liver, eye, bones and more


Some of the health benefits of fig leaves and fruit include helps to lower blood pressure and blood sugar, prevent constipation, helps to relieves fever and soothes the muscle spasm, boost immunity, energy and stamina, fights breast cancer, good for eyes, liver, bone and heart health, act as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral agent. Fig … Read more