Drinking white tea – Top 10 proven benefits and nutrition facts

White tea benefits

Some of health benefits of white tea include low risk of cancer, cardiovascular disorders, and promote oral health. It is rich in antioxidant and anti-aging properties which helps in protecting skin from harmful effects of UV rays. Thereby, maintaining good health and wrinkle-free skin. It has antibacterial properties, which helps to protects the body against many infection diseases. Regular intake … Read more

Best 8 Vitamin k rich foods to eat for good health


Intake of vitamin K foods is very important for people who has vitamin k deficiency and has certain health problems. What is vitamin K and it’s function? Vitamin K is water soluble vitamin. It has 2 main form, K1 and K2. When you intake food rich in vitamin k, then bacteria present in our gut … Read more

Top 5 reasons to have apple pectin daily for good health | nutrition benefits


Apples contain high amount of pectin, which is a type of soluble fiber found in the skin and pulp of apples . Apple pectin found in apple or or dietary supplements offer numerous health benefits to improve overall health. You can have it directly from fresh apples or buy dietary supplements of apple pectin, which comes … Read more

Okra – nutrition, proven health benefits, uses


The scientific  name of the okra is Abelmoschus esculentus (Linn.) Moench. It is also known as Lady’s fingers, and Gumbo. Other names include ARABIC: Bâmyah. CHINESE: Ka fei huang kui, Yue nan zhi ma, Yang jiao dou, Hu ma, Qiu kui. BURMESE: You padi. CROATIAN: Jedilna oslez. DANISH: Okra. DUTCH: Okra. FRENCH: Gombo, Gombeaud, Bamie-okra, Ketmie comestible (Belgium). … Read more

Bottle gourd / White pumpkin – nutrition, proven benefits, uses


The scientific name of the Bottle gourd or White pumpkin is Lagenaria siceraria (Mol.) Standley. It is also know as Calabash gourd, Common gourd and White-flowered gourd. Other names include BENGALI: Lau CHINESE: Hu, hu lu gua, Bian pu, hu gua, mao gua, peh poh, Hu lu. DANISH: Flaskegræskar, Flaskegraeskar, Kalabas. DUTCH : Fleskalebas, Flessepompoen. FINNISH : Pullokurpitsa. FRENCH … Read more

Turmeric – proven health benefits, uses


The scientific name of the turmeric is Curcuma longa Linn. It is also known as long turmeric. Other names include ARABIC: Aqîd hindî, Hurd, Kurkum, Timmer (Egypt). BENGALI: Halud. BRUNEI: Kunyit, temu kuning, temu kunyit. BURMESE: Sa nwin. CAMBODIA: Ro miet. CHINESE: Yu jin, Jiang huang, Huang jiang, Yu chiu, Yu jin. DANISH : Gurkemeje. DUTCH: … Read more