Leg massage at home, benefits, how to

Leg massage at home

Leg massage benefits One of the reason of lower body troubles especially calf, is poor blood circulation. Often leg massage helps to improve and stimulate blood circulation, reduces swelling, reduce fat, aid in weight loss and also helpful in cellulite. Ignoring leg swelling for longtime can cause lower body fat. Following leg massage technique can be done … Read more

Walking correct posture technique

walking right posture

Low muscle strength and muscle loss (sarcopenia) with aging can be treated by exercise. Strength training or resistance training can improve muscle strength and helpful in prevention and treatment of sarcopenia. But, not everybody enjoy strength training or resistance training workout exercises. Walking is one of the enjoyable and easy strength training alternative. The right … Read more

Simple upper body stretch to tighten belly

relieve stiff shoulder

Following simple effective exercise that helps to relaxes the muscles around shoulder blade, helps to relieve neck and back pain. Upper body twist and torsion stretch and chest with hand oblique transverse torsion twist, helps the abdomen and upper body muscles to stretch. Maintain proper body axis and strive to achieve the correct posture is … Read more

Meridian massage for fast pain relief

Meridian massage technique for pain relief

Meridian massage  is an indispensable daily care ritual which quickly and easily help others to help to eliminate pain and improve blood circulation of the body. There are many meridian position along the body line which are likely to be tender points (massage area) to the meridian position mark . The actual compression can identify those tender … Read more

3 minutes morning stretching exercise to correct skew pelvic

simple streching exercise on bed

Failing to maintaining body balance of left and right can result in skew posture, which can oppress internal organs, causing illness. Skew posture can even lead to edema, easily prone to neck stiff and soreness. Try to strike a balance in all body movement and action otherwise, it is easy to make body askew habits. … Read more

Super effective hump back correction exercises

Simple hump back correction exercises

Shoulder blade to the upper body and pelvic to the lower body are vital for whole body movement. Just like motion correction exercise can help with skew pelvis easily, likewise scapula movement can help upper body to stay more relaxed. It is helps to relax the muscles around the shoulder blade and correct posture. Just by maintaining … Read more