Feeling depressed

On a visit to doctor,  the most common question asked is, “are you feeling depressed recently?” The answer to this question varies but in this case it’s YES. Then what would do the doctor do next? He would talk about  symptoms and prescribe you some anti-depressant(s). If you have ever been depressed, you must be familiar … Read more

life and seriousness

life and seriousness

Our daily life consists of series of events. Consider the event of meeting  some person (say Mr. X) who is serious and successful in his life . He plans out his whole day ahead very well in advance . He is  so busy in his scheduled life that by seeing them we often think, where … Read more

Searching for Motivation factor in your life

Motivation plays a vital factor in all chores of life which helps to keep moving ahead and to live a focused life. When we know WHY we do something, we can use that information to accomplish more. Knowing what motivates us will help us to achieve goals, both personal and professional. Have you ever thought about what motivates you? … Read more

Sure ways to be happy in your life

happy in life

On encountering the emotions of sadness and depressed one get curious to know the tricks to lead a happy life. Want to unlock the door of happiness ? , then you have to not to look for the key anywhere. Yes, you heard me right the key is already there with you . Nothing in life happens on its … Read more

Most of the time feeling sad?

Most of the time feeling sad

    One of the most common negative emotion in which people got drifted deep is sadness. Often I heard people saying I am feeling sad but i don’t know why ?    Nobody wants sadness in their life but still why its impossible in certain situation to come out of that vicious circle of sadness ??  … Read more