Drinking boiled tap water not bottled water. Is it safe?


Drinking boiled tap water over bottled water. Is it safe? About 70% of the human body comprises of water element. So, water is essential for maintaining the normal functioning of various organs. With variety of water available in the market. Bottled water and tap water, among them which is better. It is important to know … Read more

Truth about Kratom, Science confirms


The scientific name of the Kratom is Mitragyna speciosa Korth. Scientific names Common names Mitragyna speciosa Korth. Lugub (Mand.) Nauclea speciosa Miq . Mambog (Tag.) Nauclea luzoniensis Blanco. Polapupot (Ibn.) Nauclea korthaisii Steud. Kratom (Thai., Engl.) Stephegyne speciosa Korth .     Other vernacular names MALAYSIA: Biak-biak, Ketum, Kutum. THAI: Ketum, Kratom, Katuan, Krataum, Taum, Kratom, … Read more

Truth about kodu millet , science confirms

kodu millet

The scientific name of the kodo millet is Paspalum scrobiculatum Linn. It is also known as Creepiing paspalum, and Water couch. Other common names include FRENCH: Herbe à épée. GERMAN : Kodohirse, Koda-Hirse. HINDI : Kodo, Kodra. SPANISH : Mijo koda. TAMIL : Varagu. Kodu millet / Bias-biasan is a perennial, tufted, erect, rather slender, nearly glabrous, somewhat … Read more

What science says about Queen sago?

Pitogo queen sago

The scientific name of the queen sago is Cycas rumphii Miq. It is also known as Spiny-leaved cycas, False sago palm, and Spiny-leaved cycas. Other names include CHINESE: Hua nan su tie, Long wei su tie., Cha ye su tie. FRENCH: Cycas de Ceylan. GERMAN: Sagopalme. JAPANESE: Kikasu rumufii RUSSIAN: Sagovnik rumfa. Cycas, the single genus of the family … Read more

Truth about Ramie / china grass , science confirms

Ramie china grass

The scientific name of the Ramie is Boehmeria nivea (L.) Gaudich. It is also known as China grass,  Madame Parquet, and Ramie grass. Other names include CAMBODIA: Thmey. CHINESE: Zhu ma. FRENCH: Ramie. INDONESIA: Rami, Haramay. LAOS: Pan. MALAYSIA: Rami, Rami-rami. THAI: Po-paan, Po-bo, Taan khamoi. VIETNAMESE: Name   Ramie is an erect, branched, monoecious perennial shrub, … Read more

Truth about fly amanita, science confirms


The scientific name of the fly amanita is Amanita muscaria Persoon. It is also known as Poisonous amanita,Fly agaric, and Soma. Historical tidbit The fatal mushroom poisoning of Count Achilles de Vecchj became the stimulus for disseminating information on mushroom identification. The Count died from eating Amanita muscaria, a toxic species not normally fatal. The investigation of the … Read more