Super food to burn fat faster

Super food to burn fat faster

If you believe that -“It’s easy to gain weight then lose weight”  then here are another reason to give yourself hope. According to many scientific finding it is proved that a diet rich in calcium helps you to burn more calories per day which result in up to half the amount of fat being stored … Read more

Is your protein deficient diet making you more fat?

rich protein diet

In our high school, we often learned a lot of things about biology and one of the basic things that we learned was regarding proteins. Proteins as “building blocks of life” or “working unit of life”.  But as we grew up we tend to forget those important facts and start eating whatever thing that taste … Read more

Easy weight loss with apples

weight loss with apple fruit

Here is my another post on weight loss which is very easy to follow and inculcate in to one’s life with minimal effort . Yes, we will be talking about apples today- which can help you in permanent weight loss and improves your overall health. Before going in to the details of Apple diet, let’s … Read more

Easy weight loss

Easy weight loss green tea

Once you hear the term “Green tea” , the first thing that comes up in the mind is it helps in weight-loss. No wonder that’s why tea ceremony is one of the important tradition in Japan and China! Dr. Nicholas Perricone claimed on Oprah Winfrey’s show that she could lose 10 pounds within 4-to-6 weeks just by drinking … Read more

Morning Banana Diet for weight-loss

Morning Banana Diet for weight-loss

Want to lose weight without doing exercise then try Morning Banana diet which is very popular in Japan. This helps to shed weight by increasing your metabolism. Another best thing is it’s quite simple and easy.Kumiko Mori, Japanese Opera singer lost 15 pounds in just 6 week with this diet. There are plenty more who … Read more