Health benefits of eating wolfberries

Benefits of eating wolf berry

Some of the benefits of wolfberries or goji berries include relieving certain eye conditions, helps to lower cholesterol, aid against liver problems and kidney problems, reduces the risk of weak joints, anemia and premature aging. Wolfberry or goji berry are extensively used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is believed that long term usage of wolf berry can … Read more

Licorice benefits uses side effects

Some of the benefits of licorice are weight loss, anti-ulcer, laxative, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and in traditional medicines uses of licorice include respiratory diseases, urinary track infections, gastrointestinal disease, skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, liver and spleen disease. It is also used to relieve addiction to tobacco.The botanical name of licorice is Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn. It is also … Read more

Benefits of eating guava for skin

Eating guava especially red guava is super food for healthy, young and vibrant skin.    Guava has exceptionally high antioxidant properties which will help to neutralize free radicals.    Eating guava helps to reduces the sign of age-related diseases, aging, including wrinkled and saggy skin.   Guava has high vitamin content and ability to improve skin … Read more

Sweet potato leaves- nutrition, benefits, recipes

Sweet potato roots are good source of carbohydrates, while sweet potato leaves along with stems contain additional nutritional components in much higher quantities than many other vegetables.   Sweet potato leaves are a physiologically functional food that offer protection from diseases linked to oxidation, such as cancer, allergies, aging, HIV and cardiovascular problems.   Sweet … Read more

Health benefits of using mustard seeds

In Ayurveda mustard seeds are used for both internal as well as external purpose. The Botanical name of mustard types:  White mustard, Yellow mustard – Sinapis alba Black mustard – Brassica nigra L. Koch Major chemical constituents of mustard seeds- Rutin, Arabinogalactan Part used- Seed, seed oil Dosage- Seed powder 2-4 g According to Ayurveda mustard comes under a … Read more

Black beans for beauty & Weight loss recipes

Black beans for beauty & Weight loss recipes

Eating black beans aids weigh loss. These small black beans are is extremely rich in nutrients. It is high in antioxidant level and can be used as anti aging food for beautiful skin. There are several other reason to eat black beans but mainly it eliminate constipation, improve skin texture, reduce abdominal fat and lowers the … Read more