Asthma – symptoms, causes, prevention, complications


What is Asthma? Bronchial asthma (asthma) is a chronic airway inflammation involving a variety of cells, especially fat cells, eosinophils and T lymphocytes. It affects the chest area of the body. Symptoms of Asthma Some of the main symptoms include recurrent wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and/or cough in susceptible people, mostly at night … Read more

Make Aloe vera tea at home | benefits, uses, recipe, side-effects

aloe vera tea

Drinking aloe vera tea is a great way to boost your gastrointestinal health, promote weight loss, along with a number of other health and beauty benefits. What Is Aloe Vera Tea? Aloe vera tea is an herbal beverage which is prepared by steeping the dried sap of the aloe vera plant. Aloe vera is known scientifically as Aloe vera and … Read more

Top 8 reasons to eat Moringa seeds daily | nutrition, benefits

moringa seeds benefits nutrition

Some of health benefits of moringa seeds include improving hair, skin, bone health, reducing blood pressure, boost immune system and helps you sleep better. What are Moringa seeds ? These are seeds from the  pods of the drumstick tree, scientifically known as Moringa Oleifera. Dried moringa seeds get harden like beans. Fresh seeds or dried moringa seeds … Read more

10 Best food to eat for cellulite removal

food for cellulite removal

Cellulite is the fat deposits underneath the skin, which gives a dimpled effect on the skin. It can be seen on any part of the body, but the legs and bottom are most common. Cellulite occurs in over 80 percent of the female population, with much fewer occurrences in men. There many factors that causes cellulite like excess … Read more

Eat 7 best food to remove bloating, gases, swelling or excess fluids from body

foods to beat bloating swelling

Buildup of gas in the abdomen, or bloating can also result into the overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine. This in turn ferment the food that you eat, creating gas which makes you bloat. Likewise, intake of high levels of sodium cause your body to hold on to extra fluid  that make results into … Read more

7 Best foods to eat for anemia | increase red blood count | iron deficiency

food to eat for anemia

What are best foods to eat for anemia? Include suggested 7 kinds of food in your daily diet to cure or prevent anemia naturally that helps to increase red blood cell count and iron deficiency. Anaemia is not only common in women buy also affects children and men. Often associated with pale skin, dizziness, drowsiness, … Read more