Top 29 proven reasons to eat clove daily


21. Prevent formation of dangerous blood clot

Clove can be the natural alternative to blood thinners. It has anti-thrombotic activity that prevents the formation of dangerous blood clot and reduces the risk of of heart attack and stroke.
Study has found that Clove contains antithrombotic polysaccharides which are relatively safe when compared to heparin.

22. Useful in Blood Coagulation Disorders or anti-platelet

Studies has found that Clove contains compounds such as eugenol which are more potent than aspirin in inhibiting platelet aggregation.

23. Good for stomach health

Study finds that clove extract inhibits Helicobacter pylori. Helicobacter pylori (HP) is a bacteria, that enters in the body and live in digestive tract. It is well recognized as being the primary bacteria responsible for the development of gastritis, dyspepsia, peptic ulcer disease and gastric cancer.

Including clove in diet reduces the risk of many gastrointestinal ailments by inhibiting the growth of HP.

24. Useful in allergies

Clove is proven effective in treatment of allergies, hypersensitivity and autoimmunity disorders.

In vivo and in vitro Studies has shown that clove extract suppresses immediate hypersensitivity by inhibition of histamine release from mast cells.

25. Diabetes

Clove has proven to be beneficial in Diabetes Mellitus type 1 and Diabetes Mellitus type 2 .

Study has indicated that clove has insulin-like activities which may be beneficial in the treatment of diabetes.

In another study, essential oil from clove bud could be used in the management and prevention of oxidative stress induced type 2 diabetes.

26. Useful in skin disorder

Clove has been found to be effective natural treatment for many skin problems like dark spots, hyperpigmentation or other pigmentation disorders, and skin fungal diseases.

Study has found that clove has tyrosinase inhibitor activity which may have therapeutic value in the treatment of hyperpigmentation disorders.

In another study, Clove oil and eugenol showed considerable antifungal activity against clinically relevant fungi, including flucanazole-resistant strains. This make it effective in treating skin diseases like Dermatomycoses which is fungal infection including Ringworm, Dermatophytosis, Tinea, Trichophytosis, Microsporosis, Jock Itch, Athlete’s Foot.

27. Heavy metal detoxification

Clove is helpful in condition like heavy metal toxicity. Clove act as a chelating agents to detoxify poisonous metal from the body.

Study finds that intake of Clove, licorice, mace and cardamom exhibit free radical scavenging, metal chelation and antioxidant activity.

28. Prevent Arsenic Poisoning

Arsenic poisoning is caused by elevated levels of arsenic in the body and affects include skin, lungs, kidneys, and liver.
Study has shown that clove along with other spices like ginger, garlic, anise is useful in the prevention of arsenite-induced toxicity in areas where arsenic is an environmental contaminant.

29. Anti-inflammatory

Clove has strong anti-inflammatory property which helps to deal with chronic inflammation. It targeta inflammatory pathways, thereby preventing neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, brain tumor, and meningitis.

Best way to buy clove

Clove is available in whole and powdered form in the market. It is best to buy whole cloves as powdered form of clove tends to lose flavor and aroma quickly. Always choose whole cloves with plump head for best flavors.

How to check the quality of the clove?

Check the best quality of whole clove by pinching a clove bud in between finger tips. If it releases some oil then it is of high quality. Alternatively, good quality clove float vertically when immersed in the water and stale or bad cloves will sink or lay horizontally flat on the water.

Best way to store cloves

Whole clove can be stored for atleast 1 year but powdered cloves has shorter shell life of about 6 months.

It is best to store clove in air tight glass container, cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

It can be stored in refrigerator to extend shell life.

Ways to eat clove

Wash the 10 to 20 whole cloves, and soak them in a small amount of water. It helps to soften clove and use it along with soaked water.

Add clove into your teas, soup, salads, baking food items, curries, and smoothies.

Enjoy green tea with lemon, honey and clove in it.

Use clove essential oil to treat skin diseases like pigmentation, dark spots.

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