coffee – yes or no

Is drinking coffee healthy?  Do, we really need that cup of coffee to get going through out the day?
Caffeine in the coffee gives behaves like psychoactive drug once it enters into the bloodstream which increases alertness of the mind and inhibits the drowsiness feeling.
But, what about its effects on long term health? 
 The presence of antioxidants in coffee helps to fight against free radicals and prevent further cell damage. Roasted coffee provides stronger antioxidant than other type of coffee. In some cases, caffeine acts as an acute anti depressant.
But, caffeine can be harmful when consumed more than 10 grams a day. Consumption of caffeine in high doses can cause anxiety. Most of the people complain about headaches and indeed it’s true that caffeine alleviates headache acutely.
Many researches linked caffeine withdrawal to headaches, even in those who drink coffee in moderation. 

Coffee beans contains natural fatty acid called diterpenes which gets rancid (oxidation of oil) after being pulverized. This oily component then will increase the risk of coronary heart disease. So, if you want to drink coffee then always go for  freshly grounded, best quality or organic coffee beans.
Coffee consumption can lead to iron deficiency anaemia so it’s advisable to avoid caffeine products for nursing mother or pregnant women. Caffeine binds with  iron molecule very well due to which mother and child finds difficult to reap benefits of those iron- rich food diet.
In order to reap benefits of drinking coffee, make sure your diet contains nutrients rich plant diets including greens, legumes, 1-2 serving of seasonal fruit and restrict yourself from drinking 1 or 2 cup(s) of coffee per day. While making choices which coffee to drink always go for black coffee. It’s better to drink black coffee, 


  • without milk  as homogenized and pasteurized dairy may add health problems
  •  or use  non-dairy milk (soy or almond milk) to lighten it
  •  without sugar to avoid blood-sugar related health problem


  • Make sensible  and smart daily choices to balance nutrients in your diet
  • Some food products or beverages also impart caffeine flavour in smaller quantities ( Coca Cola), so don’t forget to read food labels.
  • Pregnant women should avoid consuming caffeine products
  • If, you want to drink coffee because of its antioxidants and mind alertness properties then, rather consume blueberries, pineapple and other fruits for its rich antioxidants and intake vitamin B-12 food products (fish, egg,..) for mind alertness along with several other health benefits.
  • If you are dealing with headaches due to consumption of caffeine or it’s withdrawal increase the intake of  vitamin B12 products
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