Cure Zoom Fatigue Naturally | Work from home burnout solution

What is Zoom Fatigue or Zoom Burnout?

Recent research explored the “Zoom fatigue” or “Zoom burnout” phenomenon which is referred to exhaustion experienced after back to back video calls.

With work from home or remote work has become new norm in the corporate world during the COVID-19 pandemic. The everyday expectation of  about up to 10 video calls is normal.

Work From Home Burnout

More women than men prone to zoom fatigue

These zoom video calls has increased mental stress and fatigue levels among the workers. However, studies has shown that women are more prone to experience fatigue than men.

When one is in video call, it triggers the attention towards self. In which people become self-conscious about how one is looking or behaving during the conversation. It is kind of distraction to see self during these meetings. Most of the times one becomes overly self critical. It may give rise to panics and anxiety Over period of time one may become prone to negative emotions like anger, feeling of helplessness, and more.

Health risks of more video calls

According to the recent study on “Zoom Fatigue”, it has many health aspects to consider.

More screen time at closer distance

Constant staring at the computer screen during video call or conferences puts huge eye strain, mental stress, Limits the mobility compared to the in-person meeting.

Increases cognitive load

Catching nonverbal behavior over video call is complex, compare to face-to-face interaction. People need to work harder to send and receive these non- verbal cues like gestures, facial expression etc.

More self-evaluation

During these meeting people end up staring at them selves during the video meetings. It triggers the  self-evaluation and people often end being overly self critical about themselves. This often contributes to the negative feelings and decrease in productivity.

Reduced Mobility

Video call put constraints on physical mobility. So, lack of body movement after back to back video call puts stress on the body.

Feeling less motivated, more mental stress

Studies has shown that motivation plays an important factor in explaining the effects of mental fatigue. Over period of time one may find decrease in performance due to two factors. The first possible cause may be decline in resource availability due to which the performance can not be sustained. The second possibility is related to decline in motivation. In this the willingness to perform the tasks is compromised and find it difficult to sustain the performance.

Memory related issues

Study has shown that the performance of people with mental fatigue often get compromised. The frequent episodes of forgetfulness, decrease in listening quality, and feeling of fatigue are common. The overload of screen time over period of time decreases the productivity.

Work from home burnout solutions

Hide the self-window

You can hide the self-window on your screen, which was acting like a mirror and were giving you additional stress.

Audio only or telephone call

Try “audio only” Zoom meetings or use telephone for meetings to reduce the frustration.

No more Zoom calls on Friday

Many companies are banning taking video calls on friday to be a part of healthy workplace boundaries.

Ease out mental stress and fatigue

It is important to find work home balance and follow the holistic approach to deal with zoom fatigue or work from home burnout.

Acupressure massage therapy for stress and tension relief

Try this acupressure stress elimination technique before going to the bed daily. You will find relief in mental stress, eases tension, anxiety, headache and promote sound sleep.

Breathing exercises to ease stress, anxiety

Breathing plays an important part in managing mental health and improve brain health. Try this breathing playlist, which include many breathing techniques that will help to boost your brain health, ease out stress, anxiety and many more benefits.

Yoga for stress relief

Practicing yoga can help improve physical, mental, and emotional health. Try this simple quick bedtime yoga exercise stretches. Doing yoga helps to deal with almost all the symptoms of work from home burnout. It will increase the mobility, improve blood circulation, improve concentration and focus.

Conclusion: Zoom fatigue or work from home burnout effects are more visible in women. There are multiple measures that can be taken to avoid the exhaustion like adjusting the screen settings, switching to voice call meeting. Try easy to follow healing therapies at home like acupressure massage, breathing exercises, yoga are proven to ease the stress, tension and anxiety relief.