Different uses of Onion

The botanical name of onion is Allium cepa Linn.
The major  Chemical Constituents of onion-
Cycloallin, quercetin, Oleanolic acid, Allyl propyl disulphide (stable oil), etc.

It contains 1.2 % of protein, 11.6 % of carbohydrate. 

It also contains Calcium, Iron, Vitamin E and B1.


Part Used- 

Bulb, Seeds



Onion Juice 10-20 ml, Onion seed powder 1-3 g.

The Red onion variety –

It  is very nourishing and improves strength and immunity.

It improves digestions strength.

It improves body strength and stability.

It improves intelligence.

It is widely used in treating neurological pains, sciatica etc.
It improves quality and quantity of sperm and semen.

The white onion variety- 

It is sweet in taste but slightly heavy to digest.

The white onion is useful in bleeding disorders such as nasal bleeding, bleeding piles, etc.


There are many benefits of Onion seed. Covered in separate article linked here.

Some of them are-

It act as aphrodisiac, improves vigor.

It is useful in dental caries.
It is Useful in urinary tract disorders, diabetes.

The benefits of Onion juice

 It act as anti aging and  makes body lustrous.

It improves skin tone and complexion.

It improves digestion strength.

It detoxifies the skin.

It acts as aphrodisiac.

It improves strength and immunity.

It improves voice tone and quality.

It helps to brings calmness to mind.

It is useful in hearing problems.

Onion juice for hair

In order to to reduces hair fall, improve hair shine and hair growth.
Apply  onion juice  10 minutes before hair wash.

External application of onion paste

In cases of neurological pains, local inflammation, onion paste is heated, tied in a cloth and the poultice is applied over the affected area.

Side effects of Onion:

Bad breath
Burning sensation
It is safe to use during pregnancy, lactation and in children.