Drinking boiled tap water not bottled water. Is it safe?


Drinking boiled tap water over bottled water. Is it safe?

About 70% of the human body comprises of water element. So, water is essential for maintaining the normal functioning of various organs.

With variety of water available in the market. Bottled water and tap water, among them which is better. It is important to know which one is good for our health as not all water are same. What are the long-term effects of drinking boiled tap water rather? Is it bad to drink bottled water and drink boiled tap water instead.
Follow the precaution mentioned in this article while drinking water. You will see improvement in your over all health.

For boiling tap water using electric kettle is the fastest one.

But what are the long term effects of only drinking tap water boiled in electric kettle. And not drinking bottled water. What will happen to the body in this case?
If the tap water is not contaminated, then one can easily drink tap water boiled by electric kettle for a long time. As it will not have any adverse effect on your health.
Drinking water regularly is vital for health. As, it relieves thirst, hydrates the body, reduces blood viscosity, and promote metabolism. People with high blood pressure should drink more water due to their blood lipid levels. With optimum level of water in our body, drinking water may help in lowering blood pressure and fat.

While using electric kettle for boiling tap water, clean the inner wall and bottom of the kettle regularly to remove build up scales.

Many people worry about the adverse effect of drinking tap water due to the presence of chlorine, or heavy metals in it.
In fact, upon testing tap water i found out that
– tap water does contain chlorine, ( sometimes we can smell the pungent taste due to this)
– the content of chlorine found in the tap water is within the normal range, generally will not exceed 0.7 mg.
So, presence of little bit of chlorine does not pose a great threat to your health. Plus you are boiling the tap water before drinking. So, do not have to worry too much about this problem. As long as the water source of tap water is not polluted, long-term drinking boiled tap water is not a problem.

But, if there is a problem of water pollution in your area.

Then it is necessary to pay more attention, especially for if you are living in countryside using groundwater ( or well water) for drinking. As, there are health risks associated with drinking polluted ground water.drinking tap water safe

Many studies has collected samples of polluted groundwater. They found a variety of pollutants as well as carcinogens in it. From this we can say that quality of groundwater matters a lot. But, these studies have shortcomings and full of error.

Drinking bottled water

Besides that, drinking bottled water is also safe. But it is recommended that people who are accustomed to drinking bottled water, they should regularly clean
– the water dispenser,
– water loading place, sink, etc.
Because if it’s not cleaned for a long time then it becomes the breeding place of the bacteria. Thus, affecting the water quality.
drinking bottled water
Along with this once the seal of the bottled water is open finish the water soon. Do not keep it for a long time, as this may not be good.

Pay attention the temperature of the drinking water

Along with the above facts, you must pay attention to the temperature of the drinking water. It is well known fact that drinking hot water is good for the health. But for that you should not drink hot water above 65 degrees temperature. As, drinking hot water above 65 degree stimulates and damage your
epidural mucosa. So, once you boil the water properly, let it cool down and when it is warm and below 65 degree then drink it.

Do you like to add honey/ salt in the water?

There are many people who like to add some honey or salt in the drinking water for flavor. Drinking boiled water is healthy by itself. But, people with high blood pressure should pay attention if they want to honey/ salt in the water.
Summary: Drinking boiled tap water for long term is fine, if the ground water is not contaminated. Do not worry about chlorine as it won’t exceed its standard specified by the authority.
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