Drink milk to lose weight – benefits, right time and way to drink for better skin and health

Have you heard of drinking milk to lose weight? In fact, it is important to drink milk in a right way to achieve the effect of losing weight. Let’s learn about it together!

How can I lose weight by drinking milk?

  Milk diet

  It’s best to drink at dinner

For people who want to lose weight, it is best to adjust the drinking time for milk to dinner time. Drinking a glass of milk about 40 minutes before dinner can help increase satiety and prevent excessive intake of food and reduce caloric intake.

  Avoid drinking milk

Milk may be contaminated by harmful bacteria during production and transportation. Although milk like bags or boxes has been sterilized, it cannot avoid the presence of bacteria. Therefore, it is best not to drink raw milk and must be boiled before drinking, not only to protect health , but for better weight loss too. Use indirect heating to heat the milk and do not boil it for too long.

  Avoid drinking milk fast ( drink slowly, not to gulp )

If you have a habit of drinking milk fast, then it is time to change now.  As, drinking milk in a go makes leads to easy and fast movement of milk to the stomach It leads to the formation of clot of acidic protein with the stomach acid, which may lead to diarrhea , abdominal distention. It is best to slowly drink milk, which will help the body to fully absorb and use the nutrients in milk.

  Avoid drinking milk on an empty stomach

Milk can not be drunk on an empty stomach, because when the stomach is empty, the motility of the gastrointestinal tract is relatively fast, which shortens the time that the milk stays in the stomach and cannot fully absorb and digest the nutrition. If you want to drink milk in the morning, you should drink at least a glass of warm water before drinking milk.

  Avoid eating with oranges

Although eating fruit can help increase weight loss, it is not recommended to eat oranges about 1 hour before and after drinking milk or with milk. If milk and oranges are eaten together, the acid in the orange will coagulate with the protein in the milk, affecting the absorption and digestion of the milk and thus affecting the effect of weight loss. In addition, it is best not to eat other acidic fruits during this period.


  The benefits of drinking milk

  Promotes fetal development

It can be said that milk is an almost perfect food , and various nutrients needed by the human body can be obtained in milk. Therefore, milk is the food that most closely meets the natural needs of the human body. Especially for pregnant women, a lot of nutrients are needed during pregnancy. These substances can be obtained in milk, and drinking a glass of milk a day can also promote fetal development.

  Cholesterol lowering

People with high cholesterol can also drink more milk in their daily lives. Because milk contains some ingredients that can effectively inhibit the liver from making cholesterol. Also, milk is very healthy for people with high cholesterol. In addition, some people suffering from cardiovascular disease should also have more milk. It is said to be the “natural enemies” of high blood pressure. Regular drinking of milk can lower blood pressure and reduce the incidence of stroke. And after the study found that the elderly should drink milk as often  as it effectively reduce the risk of heart attack, and also helps to prevent stroke.

  Rich in Calcium, phosphorus 

Milk contains very rich nutrients, in which calcium, phosphorus and other trace elements are found in  most abundant. Also, it’s proportion is appropriate, making it very conducive to human digestion and absorption. Regular drinking of milk not only promotes the healthy growth of young people, but also is a good health product for the elderly to prolong life . The nutritional characteristics of milk can just meet the needs of the elderly, so elderly people may wish to drink more milk during their health care.

  Gastrointestinal, moistening

The benefits of drinking milk are the effect of smoothing and moisturizing, and drinking a few tablespoons of honey in milk every day can effectively treat habitual constipation . In addition, milk also can protect infants and children from diarrhea.

  Protect the digestive system

Drinking milk, helps to protect the digestive system and at the same time it can effectively promote the healing of ulcerous lesions. Experts pointed out that some of the substances contained in milk can neutralize stomach acid and strengthen stomach function, especially in the recovery and treatment of gastritis. Therefore, patients with atrophic gastritis and duodenal ulcers should drink more milk in their daily lives.


Milk contains a lot of pure protein. It not only help to supplement the loss of protein in the skin, but also help the skin tightly and lock moisture, so it has a good anti-aging effect. In addition to that it also has anti-cancer effects.

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