Easy Back exercise for fat loss

A healthy lifestyle is most important to maintain body in good health. Long hours of work, high stress, lack of exercise, improper nutritional diet and sedentary lifestyle is the perfect recipe of poor health.

Accumulation of fat around the abdomen and waist need to be taken seriously in order to prevent further damage to the body. Sedentary life style badly impact body in one way or the other.

In all that avoid ignoring those back muscles which are the core of the body and deals with extra weight due to abdominal bulge or waist fat a.k.a love handles. 

The lack of activity behind those back muscles often make body easily prone to stiff neck or neck strain.Therefore, it is appropriate to exercise back muscles.

Enhancing back muscles will help to improve posture and gives slimming effect to the whole body.


The key muscle of the back are “back off muscle” and “erector spinae”. These are located on both sides of the back, and waist side is connected to “back off muscle”. The relaxation of these muscles will make back line once again round and sturdy frame to the body. In the long bar on both sides of the spine, is “erector spinae” muscle, lack of exercise of this muscle is responsible for unconsciously bent and leaning forward posture.

Bad posture looks not only unsightly, but also has become a drag on the waist muscles to relax. Increasing layers of fat, stiff neck, neck muscle strain of success is not an accident. On the contrary, as long as the proper exercise of back muscles are done, the joint activities will be able to coordinate with waist muscles effectively. All this will not only improve body posture, but also responsible for active blood circulation, increase basal metabolic rate and aid in weigh loss or fat loss.

The back exercise can be easily done at home or anywhere in the office as it won’t take that much of time. The following back muscle exercise is simple and give immediate try to it.

To exercise those back muscle, you just need a chair and a water bottle. 
Basic posture of the body
Method require a single armchair 
1. Place the armchair at opposite side of the leg and open feet to the shoulder width
2. Hold the armchair with left hand and hold a water bottle or dumbbell of comfortable weight in other hand.
3. While facing ground, lift left leg back to get a straight line as shown in pic


4. Keeping tension between chest and shoulder natural, holding water bottle (or dumbbell) hand gesture follows arm perpendicular to the ground, lift the upper arm and pulse several times 
5. Once you feel scapula or shoulder blade muscle tightening, relax and  slowly put down.
Switch over and do the same on other side. Cycle back up to 15 times. Try doing this muscle at least two times a week.
Tip: Know your body and your pace.