Easy effective lower back pain stretches at work

Follow these simple effective super easy lower back pain stretches to relieve lower back pain stiffness and tension at work. Some of the main reasons for low back pain includes long hours of sitting on chair in wrong posture.

The easiest and simplest way to manage back pain or back stiffness is to do the reverse stretch, which can be done easily either by standing on the floor or while sitting on an office chair at work.

1. Easy effective reverse stretch while sitting on chair

office yoga stretches

Sit on a soft, or a chair with stretchable lower body.

Stretch your both hands straight up, interlock fingers and turn your palms facing upwards. Stretch your entire upper body, while keeping your neck relaxed. Do this reverse stretch for up to a minute.

This  is an effective simple stretch for  your  tensed posterior cervical muscle, deltoid, and erector spinae muscle.

2. Easy effective reverse stretch using a table or cabinet

office yoga stretchesThe little height of your office desk table or cabinet can be useful to do this reverse stretch easier.

Abdomen muscles should be contracted in before you focus on this stretch.

Stand erect, while folding both the hands across the chest. Place both the elbow on the table, in such a way that your upper body  should be leaning on the plane, bend down the waist. Main the stretch up to 1 minute time.

This is an easy effective way to train your split muscle, gluteus maximus, and erector spinae muscles.

3. Easy and effective exercise to ease lower back muscle tension and  pain, while sitting on office chair

office yoga stretches

Sit comfortably on a chair, while keeping upper body straight, avoid leaning your body forward, stick your back close to the back of the chair.

Bent to stretch the foot, holding ankle with a hand and calf with other hand. Try to bring the knee close to the upper body, but below the chest part.

Repeat this stretch on other side, while holding on for at least a minute on each side.

It is an effective stretch for Iliopsoas, and abdominal muscles.

4.  Simple effective stretch to ease lower back pain easily and quickly

office yoga stretches

Can use cushion for this stretch. Kneel on your seat, while keeping your spine up in such a way that back is touching the edge of the cushion.

Inhale and lift your abdomen straight up, as far as possible. Hold the stretch for up to a minute.

It is an effective stretch for your  split muscle and spine.

5.  Easy stretch that can be done on a small walkaway

office yoga stretches

It is a great reverse stretch for your “sternocleidomastoid muscle”.

The intensity of this stretch is controlled by the difference of distance between your foot and the wall. The greater the distance from the wall, greater stretch.

Standing about 30 cm away from the wall, place both hands over the head hanging on the wall. Push head, the chest against the wall, face toward the side. Maintain the stretch for up to a minute.

This is an effective stretch for your erector spinae, cleft muscle, deltoid, sternocleidomastoid muscle, and gluteus maximus muscles.

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