5 Easy weight loss tips for losing weight faster, it works

Are you trying to lose weight, but not finding any success. In this article i will share 5 easy weight loss tips for everyone be it men, women or children. So, if you who want to to burn more fat, loose belly fat fast or want to speed up the weight loss journey. You must try this 5 weight loss hacks that will help you in natural lose weight journey .


5 Easy Weight loss tips for losing weight faster


1. Limit your total energy intake ( calorie- restriction)

Reduce your energy intake. An adult with mild obesity, a monthly weight loss of 0.5 kg to 1.0 kg is appropriate for him. For that one has to reduce the daily energy intake from 125kcal to 250kcal. For obese adults it is healthy to reduce 2 kg to 5.0 kg of weight per month. For this reduce about 510 kcal to 1280 kcal energy intake per day.


2. Eat appropriate amount of protein

Every cell in our body needs proteins to build, especially muscles. So, eat appropriate amount of protein with every meal. Eating protein will not only help in recovery after exercise, but also reduces muscle loss, and promote muscle growth. Digestion of protein usually take longer time than carbohydrates. So, you will feel fuller for longer time. If you will feel less hungry you won’t binge on snacks often.

How much protein do you need?

On an average about 140 grams of protein for men who weigh 140 pounds.
For your reference,
A small box of high calcium skimmed milk: 8.26 grams of protein
One normal egg: 6.29 grams of protein
100g lean beef: 36g protein

3. Limit unhealthy fat:

Excessive intake of fat gets deposited around your body tissue and internal organs. This contributes to chronic diseases like fatty liver disease and some cardiovascular disorders. So, control your dietary fat intake, say complete no to “Trans fat”. For obese people about 25% to 30% of the total energy intake should come from healthy fats like nuts, avocado etc.


4. Limit sugar, increase dietary fiber intake

Completely avoid foods containing monosaccharose such as sucrose and maltose. Increase the update of dietary fiber for better digestion and weight loss.

5. Eat heavy breakfast, moderate lunch, small dinner

You might have heard a great proverb which goes like “Eat breakfast like king and dinner like poor.” It means that the ratio of food that we eat dinner should be less compare to breakfast and lunch. You can eat heavy breakfast or lunch but eat less at night.
Moreover, if you sleep with a full stomach, your belly can easily grow bigger. So don’t immediately sleep after eating dinner.
Read about other interesting fruits

Acai berry        Ambarella         Avocado           Bael       Banana      Bilberry      Cocunut   

 Cantaloupe        Cashew apple      Dragon Fruit    Durian      Fig      Jack fruit   Jamun      

 Kiwi        Lychee      Malay apple     Mango        Mangosteen       Miracle fruit         Pomelo  

 Papaya     Passion fruit     Phalsa      Pineapple           Plum       Pomegranate       

Prickly pear      Quince       Rambutan           Roselle          Santol          Sapota       

Sea buckthorn       Sour Orange     Soursop           Sweet Lime         Star gooseberry 

Star Apple        Strawberry     Surinam Cherry          Sweet lime        Tamarind       Tomato 

Tree tomato      Wampi       Watermelon         Wood apple

Read about herbs and spices

Allspice          Alfalfa       Ashwagandha        Bay leaf              Black cohosh           

Black onion seeds       Black pepper       Cayenne pepper    Celery          Chives       

 Chamomile        Clove     Coffee senna    Coriander       Curry leaf         Cumin        

Eucalyptus       Fennel            Fenugreek       Garlic      Ginger         Gotu Kola       

Hibiscus         Holy basil    Jasmine     Kava Kava     Lavender     Licorice   

Long pepper    Lotus   Majoram      Marigold     Mugwort     Mustard seeds      

 Neem    Nutmeg       Oregano     Peppermint     Red  clover        Rose       Rosemary           

Sage         Sensitive plant   St.John’s wort        Tarragon        Thyme     Triphala powder        

Turmeric     Vetiver grass    Wheat grass      

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