Effective scalp massage techniques to prevent hair loss

Bald scalp is a sign of stiffness which happen due to poor blood circulation to the scalp, as a result hair roots can not absorb enough nutrients to maintain the hair health. This stiffness lead to loss of hair matrix cell’s vitality, resulting in beginning of hair loss, the hair becomes thin and small. Excessive use or overuse of hair products, can cause neck stiffness, scalp to harden, which increases the likelihood of baldness.

For overall hair health, it is important to make sure to avoid and deal with scalp stiffness. A simple and effective way to do that is by following scalp massage exercises, which liberate your scalp, by promoting blood circulation and prevent hair loss.

Improper lifestyle habits and action also causes “scalp stiffness” which can make scalp go bald. Avoid staring at a computer and cell phone for longer duration, stiffness of neck and back, or other joints which happen due to poor blood circulation. These actions over a period of time, the improper flow of blood in the scalp results into “scalp stiffness”. Whereas the excessive use of eyes, results into eye muscle fatigue, can lead to facial muscle imbalance. Strained muscle behind head side may also cause scalp to harden, which increase the likelihood of hair loss and baldness.

2 ways to check unhealthy or hardened scalp

1. 1 minute massage test

Use all fingers of both hands to massage the scalp in a circular motion. At this point check whether your scalp follow the movement all together? If moving along the scalp, it suggest healthy and soft scalp. Conversely, scalp did not follow the movement all together, indicates hard or unhealthy scalp, it may lead to hair loss, baldness and other symptoms.

2. scalp color test

Healthy scalp color belongs to “Pale”, you can clearly see the hair root. The “dark yellow” color of the scalp represent cumulative fatigue and stress, “reddish” scalp represents poor circulation, lack of sleep, sebum secretion disorders.

Following  scalp massage exercises helps to reduce hair loss, promote blood circulation, useful in eliminating waste products, prevent baldness, but can also prevent gray hair, and facial muscle relaxation which also soften the wrinkles.

Step 1

Gently massage with fingers of both hands, starting from the hairline → head → back of the head. It helps to relax the scalp.

Step 2

Gently massage the lymph nodes around the ear in circular motion, and repeat four times. It helps to promote blood circulation, and eliminate waste.

Step 3

Then press the scalp for total of four seconds, in upward vertical direction of the head, and repeat three times.

Step 4

Massage the “Bai hui” point for 5 seconds and repeat three times.

Tips: For better result perform above scalp massage after the bath. Avoid scratching fingernails on the moist scalp, it is recommended to dry your hair first , and then do scalp massage.


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