Essential oils for weight loss aromatherapy tips

Essential oils for weight loss,  not only help you to lose weight. but also promote blood circulation, boost metabolism, and improve functioning of overall body.

What are the best essential oil for weight loss? With which other essential oils , they can be well blended for more effective result? You are about to find the answer to above questions

 3 Best essential oils for weight loss

Aromatherapy for weight loss 1

  1. Angleica oil

Can effectively improve the lymphatic system, which will  help to remove unwanted toxins which has been accumulated in to the body. Also,helps to remove the excess water from the body  solving your water retention issue. Use of angleica oil stimulate sweating, which in turn helps remove toxins, and eliminate edema from the body.

It can be well mixed with other essential oils like grapefruit oil, lemon oil, and orange oil.

2. Black pepper oil

If your stomach is not good and often suffer constipation, then use black pepper oil. It can effectively enhance gastrointestinal function, helps to restore the vitality of the intestine, promote intestinal peristalsis, and aid iin detoxification.

It can be well mixed with other essential oils like cypress oil, grapefruit oil, and lemon oil.

3. Cypress oil

With the fragrance of cedar , cypress oil helps to adjust the water balance, and conditioning of the body.  The use of cypress oil not only speed up the process of  burning fat, but also have great beneficial for rhinitis and other respiratory diseases.

It can be well mixed with other essential oils like juniper oil, lemon oil, and orange oil.

Aromatherapy for weightloss

Essential oils have a good effect on congestive obesity. The so-called obesity is due to the congestion of the blood circulation. As blood circulation is not smooth, causing congestion or stagnation. It leads to the formation and accumulation of fat in various parts of the body, which leads to the obesity, and can cause dysmenorrhea, constipation and other symptoms.