1 minute exercise workout to help sleep fast and well

Performing following 1 minute workout before going to bed can help to fall asleep easily, and wake up refreshed every day. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, lower body edema are some of the factors that make obesity problem more difficult. Performing light stretching exercises prior to sleep helps to relax the stressed body muscles, promote blood circulation, useful in edema and improve overall health. These two quick and easy exercise stretching movements are great addition to night routine, helps to reset body clock back to normal along with many other benefits.

Action 1

1. While sitting on the ground or yoga mat, try to open legs, so that the pelvis is upright.

2. Move front body forward and backward for about 30 seconds.

This action can stimulate the inner thigh adductors, increase blood circulation to eliminate edema.

POINT: You can try to add a little angle to the legs every day that helps to open legs properly and enhance athletic performance.

Action 2

  1. Hands tucked in while sitting, then lie down upper body on the ground.

  2. Place hands on the back, raise lower body and bend the knees close to the waist, towards the the face.

3. Put down your hands affixed to the waist for 30 seconds and allow the bottom of the feet touching the ground then slowly move lower body down into supine position.

POINT: Slow down the action while moving lower feet down to the abdomen as it helps to get lean belly.

Avoid over exertion and keep all the action comfortable to your body.

If you are unable to open legs wide (like in action 1) or feet unable to touch the ground (like in action 2), then keep patience slowly and steadily your body will be able to do it.

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