Exercise workout for arm fat loss at home

Following 2 simple exercise workout at home, can help in effective arm fat loss, enhance biceps and tone arms. Try doing these effective arm slimming exercise atleast 3 times a week for nice arm line.

Exercise workout for arm fat loss at home

Exercise 1

1. The left side of the body lying on the ground, keep left hand on the right shoulder. Place the right hand on the floor, fingers toward the direction of the head, knees slightly bent.

2. While right hand on the ground, lift the body sideways from about 5 to 10 cm, abdominal and chest muscles experience tightening force, then slowly come down.  Switch to the other the side and repeat same.

Repeat 10 times,on both sides.

Exercise 2

First of all, please choose one of at least 5 feet (about 150 cm) of the elastic band.


1. While standing, keep the right foot front about 2 feet (about 5 cm).  Left foot in the middle of the elastic band but do not hold the knee. Grab the elastic band by using both hands from the behind, bend your elbows on both sides of the ears, the hands remain in the rear of the head.

2. Slowly extend arms above the head, while arms remain on both sides of the ear. Then slowly return to starting action. Right foot in front 15 times, then replaced the left front, right foot fixing elastic band, repeat 15 times.

Note: Do not let your back into a bow and arrow position, with the arm or head tilted backward.


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