Facts about Human growth hormone (HGT) supplements

The latest buzz in anti aging industry is all about Human growth hormone injections or supplements.
Is it worth spending USD 10,000 to USD 30,000 per year to get human growth hormone.

Check out these facts about Human growth hormone.

Facts about Human growth hormone (HGT) supplements

  • Growth hormone plays vital role in normal development and growth of the body 
  • It is produced by pituitary gland which is located at the base of brain 
  • The use of human growth hormone for anti-aging is not FDA approved
  • Till now, there no conclusive evidences shown regarding the prevention of aging with human growth hormone
  • Human growth injections can increase the muscle mass of the body but have little impact on muscle strength or function
  • Long term uses increase the risk of cancer, diabetes
  • Benefits and side effects of long term uses of human growth hormone is still unknown
  • FDA approved uses of human growth hormone includes 
    – hormonal deficiency which results in short stature among 
children like tuner syndrome


       – growth failure due to lack of exogenous GH secretion


      – adult short bowel syndrome


      – muscle- wasting disease associated with HIV/AIDS