13 Reasons why people are prone to fatigue | causes & solutions

In many cases, we can still feel tired after we have enough of sleep. It seems that we never sleep enough. What is the reason? What are the possible causes and solutions to fatigue problem?


 1. Did not eat breakfast

Situation : After enough of sleep at the night, but still yawn throughout the morning, and want to sleep .

Reasons for exhaustion: Breakfast is very important to you. It not only activates the whole body’s metabolic system, makes the brain active, but also supplements the energy needed in the morning.

Solution: Get up early to eat a sandwich rich in carbohydrates and drink a cup of protein-rich milk or eat yogurt, This helps to promote the secretion of serotonin in the brain, so that you have a lot of spirit throughout the morning. If it is too late, eating bananas is a temporary solution.

  2. Weekend phobia

Situation: Each time you finish the weekend, you are physically and mentally exhausted on Monday and do not want to go to work.

Causes of exhaustion: This is your weekend phobia, but the deeper reason is that you have irregular schedules on weekends. Will you stay up until two o’clock in the evening and stay in bed until noon the next day?

Solution: The best solution is to work regularly on the weekends, not only getting up in the morning and sleeping on time at night. In the case of work and rest rules, the body is rested, your subconscious is not easy to produce on Monday the upcoming work and stress resistance situation. Hence, the mental and physical exhaustion symptoms will not appear and you will feel energetic on Monday.

  3. Thyroid function problems

Situation: Even if you don’t do anything, you often feel tired, and the skin is dry. Even in a warm environment, it is easy to catch cold, and your body weight has obviously increased without any change in your daily eating habits.

Cause of fatigue: This is likely to be a problem with your thyroid function.

Solution: Go to the doctor for help.

  4. Time difference

 Situation: Every few days after a long-distance flight, you will feel fatigued and invigorated.

Causes of exhaustion: Changes in the sunshine across the time zone affect your endocrine, resulting in insufficient secretion of melatonin in the body and failure to get a good rest.

Solution: Before each flight, depending on the time of the destination, change the meal times daily starting several days before departure. And I suggest you choose carbohydrate and protein-rich grain foods , fresh fruit and milk, they can help your digestive system to better adapt to changes in meal times. When you reach your destination, eat more walnuts or cherries, which can stimulate your body to secrete special hormones that helps sleep.

 5. Sleeping environment light is too strong

Situation: Even if you have enough sleep, the next day you feel tired as not sleeping enough.

Cause of exhaustion: If you are accustomed to turning on the lights, turning on the TV, or the mobile phone’s standby light blinking at the pillow. When you are sleeping, the secretion of melatonin in your brain will be inhibited because even a little weak light will cause lowering the level of melatonin in your body. This can makes things difficult for you to get into deep sleep. Sleep quality will be reduced and the body will not be adequately rested.

Solution: First turn off the lights, turn off the TV (like to sleep in the TV sound? That can be set to automatically shut down!) Sleep, followed by the phone outside the line of sight. A special reminder is that even if you go up to the bathroom at night, don’t let the light hit you.

  6. Bathing water temperature is too high

Situation: Drowsiness after bathing, systemic fatigue, and reaction become dull.

Cause of exhaustion: If the water temperature is too high during bathing, it will reduce the sensitivity of the nervous system.

Solution: The temperature of the bathing water after getting up should not be too high. If you dare to try it, you can also try a cool water bath, which can not only increase the nervous system sensitivity, but also stimulate the brain to secrete endorphins so that you can feel happy all day long.

It is also recommended that you use mint-containing shower gel and shampoo in the morning. As,it helps to to refresh the brain allowing quicker thinking and more focused energy.

In addition, the temperature of the bath water before going to sleep at night should not be too hot and the temperature of the sleeping environment should not be too high (20°C at room temperature is the most suitable). This keeps the body cool and helps you to enter deep sleep.

  7. Dehydration

Situation: Feeling tired, thirsty, dizzy, nausea.

Causes of exhaustion: This is because you have insufficient drinking water , or you have consumed too much coffee , tea and wine, resulting in dehydration. Because the normal physiological and chemical reactions in your body are inseparable from water, for example, when the water is lacking, the muscles cannot contract forcefully. Therefore, the dehydration of the body will lead to lack of energy for your spirit and body.

Solution: When you are short of water, slowly drink two cups of 200 ml of mineral water. Especially winter morning from sleep, dream , and then when body come to wake up state. You may find the body is usually in a dry state. You need to immediately pay attention to this. In addition to mineral water, a cup of honey lemonade at room temperature is also recommended.

  8. cold

 Situation: weakness, muscle aches, loss of appetite.

Causes of fatigue: Even if you do not have symptoms such as stuffy nose or fever, you may have been attacked by a cold virus, which exacerbates your tiredness.

Solution: In this case you go to the doctor. What he can do is only to let you eat some medicine and relieve the symptoms. In fact, the most effective way to ease the cold and fatigue is to maintain regular rest, adequate sleep, eat healthy diet and proper walking so that you can quickly restore health and rejuvenate.

 9. Mild depression

Situation: worsening sleep quality, fatigue and depression for no reason.

Causes of fatigue: You are most likely to suffer mild depression due to stress or emotional stimulation.

The solution: Everyone will experience emotional ups and downs, and you will need to come out of the mood.

Facts have proved that to deal with this mild depression, simple self-adjustment, such as the following “8-word meditation”, is much more effective than eating anti-depressants.

You simply use the pen to repeatedly draw the “8” number on the paper. This can affect the eyeball movement, stimulate the brain, change hormone secretion, and gradually calm your emotions.

Usually after 1 minute of continuous painting, bad mood can be dispelled and your mood can be relaxed. In addition, a 10-minute sun bath can also make your mood better.

  10. Anemia

Situation: lack of ruddy complexion, dizziness after standing for a long time, easy to work out of fatigue, after a simple break can be improved.

Causes of fatigue: This shows that you have symptoms of anemia, of course, if you are pregnant, it is another matter. Months or excessive intake of protein, minerals such as copper and iron can lead to anaemia.

Solution: If the menstrual period is over 7 days or if you have excessive flow, you should go to the doctor for proper conditioning. In addition, you also need to eat more iron-rich green leafy vegetables that contain minerals, and copper-rich nuts and seafood that contain minerals. Copper helps convert iron into the form most easily absorbed by the body.

  11. Lack of exercise

Situation: The more you rest, the more you feel as if you are weak, and when you do something, you are not so exhausted.

Fatigue reasons: This shows that you lack exercise, and for this reason, the body’s metabolic rate has slowed down, and the sensitivity of the nervous system has also decreased.

Solution: Proper exercise and sunlight can rejuvenate your brain and body. You don’t have to go to the gym on a regular basis. Just get off the bus when you are at work, then walk for 10 minutes to the company, or take the stairs instead of taking the elevator, take a walk after a meal, etc. You will be able to greatly improve your overall metabolism. Get up.

  12. Lack of carbohydrates

Situation: lower body temperature, drowsy, inattention.

Causes of fatigue: eating too little staple foods, insufficient carbohydrate intake, blood glucose levels will decrease, leading to slower systemic metabolism. It also inhibits the brain from secreting acetylcholine, making it difficult to concentrate.

Solution: Eat staple food for each meal. In addition, drinking a cup of  milk and eating a few cereal biscuits can be quickly alleviate the situation especially when you feel that your body temperature is getting lower, being trapped, and being unable to concentrate.

  13. Woke up crudely

 Situation: After getting up in the morning, they can’t afford to use the spirit and thinking slowly.

Reasons for fatigue: “Rough” ringing bells will strongly stimulate your brain and body, causing you to wake from deep sleep. After such stimulation, your brain will run slowly and it will take at least a few hours to adjust back to normal.

Solution: Turn your alarm tone into soft music, or thin the bedroom curtains, gradually wake up yourself with the natural daylight that gradually brightens up in the morning, so that you can wake up energetically and let the brain adjust to Best state. In addition, you can also put a bottle of flowers at the bedside. If you can see fresh and beautiful flowers at a blink of an eye, you will be more energetic and happy.

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