Feeling depressed

On a visit to doctor,  the most common question asked is, “are you feeling depressed recently?”

The answer to this question varies but in this case it’s YES.
Then what would do the doctor do next? He would talk about  symptoms and prescribe you some anti-depressant(s).

If you have ever been depressed, you must be familiar with the following:
Physically, you feel
  • Lack of energy to deal with daily routine
  • Sleeping too much or less
  • Change in appetite or weight
  • Aches and pains in your body
Emotionally, you experience
  • Negative emotions like sadness or related suffering throughout the day
  • Loss of interest even in your favorite activities
  • Feeling of  emptiness
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • At times, feeling worthless too
  • Excessive guilt
  • God forbid, suicidal thoughts or a wish to die
Relax, at this moment you can do a favor to your body  by taking few deep breaths. It helps you recall the pain that you are already in or you had been in past.

Depression is painful but can be cured easily if you are ready to help yourself.
Help in identifying the cause of your depressed state.

Interestingly , people have become experts in disguising themselves in front of others so much they start fooling themselves too sometimes.

But, the power of subconscious mind is infinite who always know who we truly are .
When one is unable to express their emotion through a corresponding behavior, then one  suppresses them intentionally or not . It is a pretty common habit which could prove fatal on occasion.

As depression is the root of many other diseases, it’s all the suppressed emotions that play the dark tricks.

In order to come out of such a state of being , one should observe their suppressed emotions which are carved deep inside one’s subconscious  mind.

More harder you try to suppress your emotions, the harder the impact.
In my next post, I will discuss